CATacombs and Fairytales...

...Mr. Sugarpurr the fabulist...
Hey sweeties!
The last blogpost is too long ago - so it's time for some artsy stuff today - I've worked on a gift for my sweet parents-in-law - they wish for a painting with cats and especially with Mr. Sugarpurr as main character. So I racked my brain, how I can create the perfect pic... After nights of brooding about the perfect painting, I've found the perfect scenery....
I wanna show you some work-in-progress-pics too...
 the little tiger is Pat's favourite ^^
a close-up of Mister Sugarpurr before I added the whiskers...
I hope my parents-in-law will be happy with my painting...
Did you do something DIY too for christmas?
Wish you all a great christmas-time!


cat flu...

Hey sweeties!
It's a bit quiet at CATastrophes'n'CATacombs because I am sick - having a big bad flu and I spend my days with lying around, sleeping, drinking hectoliters of tea and watching eerie morning program (I think that makes me more ill as I already am). It's so bad and sad - Tonight is our annual christmas staff party and I cannot go *sigh*.
To make matters worse, my both cams don't work - The charger of my digicam is broken (ordered a new one) and even my mobile cam acted up after my last update - It shows the pics upside down and my flashlight doesn't work - and Pat is on nightshift so he has no time to fix it - I am getting mad here! I wanted to show you my Limecrime Velvetines, I've bought - but you have to wait :(
So I only got some pics of our winterwonderland in front of the door I took with the last power of my cam-battery....
The last two days were very snowy and everything turned white here... (Perfect timing for a flu...wanted to build a snowman *sigh*)
 My neighbour looked a bit freezy ^^
Romeo tried out the cold white stuff on our balcony....
Today the snow is slowly melting away - I think that there's no white christmas this year for me... *sigh*


I just wanted to buy some new sport-pants...

... but you should know me better...
Hey sweeties - 
last friday I was for a little break at my favourite mall with my office-mate. She joins me at gym since two weeks and we both needed some new sport-pants (my panty ripped at the last Zumba-lesson - I was so glad, that this didn't happened at circuit training where I have to hold up my botty from time to time... ha ha ^^')
And yes, I've bought some new sweatpants - but they are too dreary for this post (maybe I will show you together with my great new training-shoes - at your possible request)... but my other little hauls are more interesting...
 a grey bat-sweater with rivets - a cross and a galaxy leggings...
 glitterbatty ^^
and a new dark red scarf and a silver cross on a long necklace...
some weeks ago I've bought a new hoodie - and its sooooo fluffy and warm - and it has ears - yay!
 ...and a package from Hong-Kong find its long way to me - I wanted some Prada-styled baroque sunglasses for so long - and I got one for only 2 € (shipping inclusive) ... hihi ^^ - i love the matte black...
I hope I have soon more time to post some creative postings - I am so damn busy like every end of the year and beside my job I am spending a lot of time at gym (and it feels so good to get rid of my lazyness) - but I am planning some nice things soon - something to draw and something to sew... so be curious!


[Look of the day] Dark Saturday outfit and makeup

black and white... skulls and bows... 
Hey sweeties!
Yesterday was Dark Saturday time and I wann show you my working-look of this evening - It's a long time ago I've worn that dress but its getting colder day by day so I choosed long sleeves for the evening - and a combination of red, black and white...
Dress ~ Emily the Strange
corset - Restyle
tights - XtraX
boots - a shop somewhere in Dortmund
hairbow - Claire's
skull-necklace - Restyle
I've choosed flat boots - nearly 10 hours standig up and runnig to and fro behind the bar isn't the best occasion for wearing high-heels...
 photoshoot with Romeo a. k. a. Dickie ^^
 hmmmm - sexy cat butt :D
 love my XXL sequin hairbow from Claire's *bling bling*
 I did red, black and white eyemakeup - it fits best to the dress ^^
I used:
upper lid:
Sugarpill ~ @#$%! pressed eyeshadow
Sleek ~ Curacao palette ~ Espresso Martini
Lime Crime ~ Alchemy palette ~ Spellbound
lower eyelid:
Lime Crime ~ Alchemy palette ~ Incantacion
Nyx ~ Jumbo Eye Pencil ~ Black Bean
NYX ~ jumbo eye pencil ~ Milk
eyeliner / eyebrows:
essence ~ gel eyeliner ~ Midnight in Paris
Giorgio Armani - Eyes to kill mascara
Kimchi Bambi grey circle lenses
Hope, every one of you had a great weekend!


November instagram instants...

...cats, busy days at office and awesome landscapes...
Hey sweeties!
November is over this year... and my last weeks of the year are filled with a lot to do... Although my working days are stressing me out like every end of the year, I feel happy - I've started sports since October and doing Zumba and Cardio - and I enjoy it and have so much positive energy. Looking forward for a busy but beautiful Pre-Christmas time ;)
Of course, I spent some time with my buddy Mr. Sugarpurr....
 thats how I feel every Monday....
Mr. Sugarpurr impressed Miss Fortune with a delicious dinner....
The office days....
 too busy to dye my hair - but now its dark violet again :D
 you can compensate for stress with.... a bit Lush in your life....
 with a nice big cup of creamtea....
and of course with tons of chocolate
 oh no mum... let me sleep... only 5 minutes moar....
Leo found a new favourite place in our living room: the top of our vitrine:
 oooooh old boy, you can look soooo cute ^^
cute gift from my parents-in-law, yummmm ^^
diligent - brushee washee time....
 and swatching swatching swatching....
 Pat bought me a Hello Kitty Advent Calendar - he is such a cutie ^^
 comforting time with comforter....
 okay - thats not instagram - but I wanna show you one of the castles in the very near of our home :)
sunset from the view of my office....
and last but not least: Pat found a creepy blairwitchy house in the woods when he was on the road for work...scary, isn't it? ;)
Hope you had a great month!


Sugarpill's @#$%! - eyeshadow

 ...red and black and glitter for Meeow!
Hey sweeties,
when sugarpill puplished their @#$%! - eyeshadow for just 3 days (October 19th - 21st) I didn't mind my credit lines and orderd it, cause before that it was only available at IMATS L.A: - and after 3 weeks of waiting, my kitty-package arrived in Germany:
 hmmmm - a package full of goodies - a sample of loose eyeshadow and a sticker as an extra *yay*
I adore that cute packagings of Sugarpill!
 First I thought that @#$%! is a bit like Love+ , but its lighter and is packed full with silver glitter...
The eyeshadow swatched on my hand without any primer and dry applied:
 you can see - its glittery and its really well covering (just like every eyeshadow of Sugarpill) - love that glittery red!
 The sample was the loose Stella eyeshadow - I really love it - it's deep black with rainbow glitter - so great - I think one day I will order this eyeshadow!
Do you like  @#$%! ? ( I really love that name - but how do I spell it? :D)


Send me a box full of beauty...

... the November 2012 - box!
Hey sweeties!
This time I was pretty early by picking out my favorite samples for the November Douglas Box of Beauty - and these are my pickings:
1. Lady Gaga - Fame showergel - Original Size 200 ml (6.7 FL.OZ)
It's black, it's Gaga and it smells wonderful and heavy - I really like that smell - even though I am not a fan shower gels and bodylotions of perfume brands, cause the most of them are high perfumed and dry out my skin. But I give that shower gel a chance - hey - it's black and it's Gaga ;)
2. smashbox - Photo finish oil free foundation primer
After my first sample of smashbox (a too dark bb cream) was a blank, I hope this time I can try this sample as soon as possible. I love good primers, they are like canvas for the skin and this one is oil-free and is silky, lightweight blend of vitamins A & E, grape seed extract and green tea. I am curious!
3. Lavera - Long Lash Mascara 9ml (0,3 FL.OZ) 
Bio organic and for sensitive eyes - and in original size! (Price is 18,55 € at Lavera.com) -  This glamorous-lash, chemical-free,100% natural formula is designed with an innovative brush to lengthen and separate, coating each lash from root to tip with a blend of organic oils and waxes for a silky, full look. If my current mascara is empty, I will use this one!
4. FrolleinWunder - Lemongrass Shower Cream (100 ml)
I choosed this sample cause I love cute designs - and I love the smell of lemongrass.
This shower gel is very creamy, moisturizes my skin and it smells so fruity and creamy like fresh lemongrass.Singing in the shower is allowed. 
5. anatomicals - look, you've got chocolate all over your face - anti-stress face mask (15 ml)
"you're not longer 4 years old, sticking your head in the cake mixing bowl, but somehow your face is still covered in chocolate. No need to ask why!"
This cocoa face mask makes the skin calm, relaxing and radiant. It is full of dead sea salt combined with cocoa and shea butter - it helps feeling the skin destressed and renewed.
I really love chocolate face masks! Yum!
Would you buy some of that thingies?