Polish of the week....

...a little Sunday swatch & review...

I decided to show you my actual nail polish every Sunday.

Sunday is the day I use to do my nails - so it's the perfect time to show you my actual look.

Today I tried the essence Vampire's love LE - the color is No. 04 "the dawn is broken".
It's been a little time since I bought that polish - if I knew before, that this light grey silver glitter polish is so stunning, I would have foraged some bottles... 
The color is well covering with only 2 coats and the little black and silver glitter particles sparkle so nice...
 without flash
with flash *sparkle sparkle*

Wish you all a great start into the new week
Hugs & Kisses


Mühselig ernährt sich das Eichhörnchen...

...or in Meeows free translation: hardscrabble nourishes the squirrel :D
(what a jawbreaker :D)

Sooooo - my kitchen is here - yay - but now we have a lot of work to do and millions of boxes transform a waste-disposal into a life's work T___T'
head-high mountain of paper... T_T
 Poor Pat is working so hard since Monday - first he built the body elements by himself... 

the first steps....
the stove... in the wrong corner... ^^
 on Tuesday my daddy helped him building the countertop and some other things... on Wednesday Pat constructed the drawers... and today on Thursday the kitchen almost drove him to insanity...
insanity in its purest form... Pat tries to crawl into the cupboard
the handles are absent... but they're waiting in the bag ^^
 Tomorrow a good friend will help him with the electric hook-up. That means something like: On friday evening I can use my new great ceran stove for the first time!!! Yaaaaay :D But on Saturday the first thing I'll have to do is to clean up the living room and vacate the whole kitchen stuff out of the dining corner... meeeeeh T___T

To reward myself for a hard week, I shopped at lush - rather for a birthday present for a friend  but I bought myself the limited bodybutter "love potion" - what a great scent - It smells just like my favorite lush-perfume "love" - I adore that smell of apple-pie and lemon... <3 
 And I got some samples: the coco lotion and a small slice of you've been mangoed.... the coco lotion is very rich and feels nuturing... 
soooo - 1 day to go until it's weekend...
wish you all the best!
Hugs & Kisses


send me a box full of beauty...

...and make Meeow happy :D

yesterday my first box of beauty from Douglas arrived me - a monthly subscribtion of some selected beauty culture-samples and one original sized product.
everything in a sweet turquoise box I can re-use for my nail-polish and eyeshadows ^^
 and that was inside the box - besides a 10%-discount ticket for my next order: 
* a beauty-drink from ocóo - its an anti-ageing and skin care drink with antioxidants (wow - juice that makes you gorgeous :D) - tastes a little bit like grandma's selfmade elderberry-juice - and I think it has the same effect ^^
* Roberto Cavalli perfumed body lotion - nice fragrance - but a little bit too much perfumed for me 
* Annayake  - soin réparateur extrême - special skincare for delicate and stress-damaged skin, the cream itself is very rich and non-oily and perfect for me: without any perfume - a great pity that Annayake is soooo expensive....
* Venus - moisturizing cream - its the original-size-item in this box - it is with red algae extract and avocado oil - perfect - my cream was empty :D
* Isa Dora eyeshadow - 12 "purple" - a very nice shimmering grey-violet eyeshadow and nice texture:
love it!
 and Douglas made my cat happy too.... Luna loves the turquoise wrapping-paper :D
  I am already curious about the next box - next month....

Wish you all a great start into the new week!!!
Hugs & Kisses 

Saturday night...

...I feel the air is getting hooooot :D

Friday we went to the birthday-party of a very good friend of mine...
so I got ready for beer-drinking and cheesecake-consuming...

lime crime carousel gloss - candy apple
sugarpill "Midori" + essence holographic effect "mystic lemon" + some colors out of the 120er eyeshadow-palette by Fräulein 3°8

 Pirate-button from cute as a button (dawanda store) * other buttons - selfmade by Meeow * necklace - kreepsville666 * brain brooch & skeleton hands barrete - restyle.pl * ghostbusters belt buckle - primark * striped shirt - H & M * jacket - Tally Weijl

so here is the party crew:
say hello to Audrey....
...and her proud mistress :D
the hat of shame
Superheroine Meike the incredible
Say hello to the sexual-harassment-pony
no ponies or other people got hurt...
Awesome evening - In conclusion, I can say:
Prost und Oi! 

last Friday night...

...at "Eigenart"-club!

But let me thank you before I am talking about my Friday-party-night...
thanks soooo much, Sweeties - blogging since the 1st of January and 10 followers! *Kiss Kiss Kiss*
So... last Friday I went to a little club in Lüdenscheid, called "Eigenart" and I was very positive surprised - the club is small but the atmosphere was great and the music also. (No surprise - a friend of mine was DJ'ing)

I got ready for party:

 Eyes: Sugarpill "Midori" - Kiko "158" -essence holographic effect "Mystic Lemon" - MAC "Shimmer moss" - P2 "blackest black" liquid eyeliner - essence crystal eyeliner "Galaxy"

I tried my newest wig - i love that double-colored style :)
 Pat and me were the first time at "Eigenart", some of my friends were already there when we arrived...
Friedi liked my cat-hat :D it's sitting well on him :D
Meeow + Friedi

miss purple, miss violet and mister Friedi :D

The cutiest kitty-Kati ever :D

Raffaele looked a little bit... baked :D

say hello to Horst, the hatbag :D

Hugs & Kisses


a friday evening bloodbath...

...or: the massacre manicure ;)

just a little nail-tutorial before I get started into the party-marathon-weekend.
For those who are a little bit squeamish: stop reading the following tutorial :D
For those who like it bloody: go on ;)
All you need for this quick and easy nail-art is:
red and white nail polish and... a straw! (and of course base and top coat ;) )
I used essence black & white LE No. 02 White Hype, NYX No. 83 Blood (nomen est omen ^^) and essence color&go No. 60 fateful desire
first apply the white nail polish and let it dry...
then it's time for the straw ...
dip it in some red polish - you can also dip right into the bottle - its easier when the polish is a bit inside the straw...
then blow the color over your nails ...
what a bloody mess :D
time to get rid of the unbeloved bloodstains on your fingers... ;)
tadaaaaa: the massacre-manicure :)

wish you all a great weekend :-*

Bloody kisses