a gift for a 30 year old girl...

...and a little combat for a 32 year old girl... *phew*

I told you about the little secret I reveal today - I sewed a little gift for my beloved "sister-in-law". She had birthday yesterday and even though she turned 30, she is a totally little sweet most girlish woman. She loves Yumi-dresses, the color rose, Audrey Hepburn and is one of the cutest persons I know. So I planned to make her a gift that fits to her style perfectly.
She received a Nintendo DS as a gift for christmas from her boyfriend, so I decided to sew a little bag for it.
I bought some quilt-fabrics in different patterns and different shades of pink and then I started - as ever at the very last minute. To assemble the fabrics in quilting-manner was very easy, but I almost got desperate when I applied the braid and the facing. The result is not the perfect bag I expected (especially the braid T_T *moooooaaan*) but its a wholehearted gift and it seemed that she was very delighted at this bag. 

Some pics of the w.i.p. yesterday:
some of the fabrics - I love the cupcake and the cameo-styled ones...
typical Meeow-chaos :D

almost finished...
 Tadaaaaaa! (But please don't mind the braid! T_T)

I think, I will try to sew more bags in this style to get more practice - It's fun to sew quilted-styled things :) And it's perfect to get rid of fabric-leftovers ;)

and last but not least - Meeows look of yesterday - the obligatory bathroom-pic:
I love the Aqua Crystals nail polish ;)

Hugs & Kisses

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