Happy friday 13th everyone :D

…thx goth it’s weekend ...

 what a week!!! So many things to do and it seemed that time trickles away too fast. 
I was at IKEA for two times (yes, I couldn't get enough spending my precious free time in a swedish furniture store... -.-' ), first time on Tuesday to buy a kitchen (I cannot wait for delivery - the delivery date is determined on 23rd - but we all know and have heard about delivery-dates of kitchens)
On Wednesday I spent my afternoon again at the big four yellow letters to buy some things we need for the new apartment.(and to buy some things I persuade myself :D )
I bought a nice shelf made out of metal and glass for our bathroom – I built it up immediatly. I couldn’t wait to decorate it.
Finally...now I have a place for my girl-stuff :D (but I realized that I need more space for my earrings ^^')

Luna - checking out the fashion magazines

And the walk-in-closet-project goes on inch by inch – I bought two Expedit-shelves, my plan is to get more Expedit for the whole right side in the closet – its not very easy to get more storage in a room with a lot of roof slopes... :D

But it proceeds day by day: 
 You better not see the rest of the room ... especially my "floordrobe" :D
Tonight Pat cooked for me his delicious noodle-casserole. What a nice and well-behaved boyfriend ^^ So I have enough time to spend the following night with my sewing-machine and creating a special gift for a special person. But what will it be??? I will reveal this secret on Sunday ;)
And last but not least: I have to be strong ... my wish-list for the next month is getting bigger and bigger... A friend of mine just told me about this gorgeous make-up-palettes by sleek. I wanna have them! Especially the acid i-divine and the me-myself and eye-palette.

...a bare 2 weeks, some unpaid bills and 3 birthday parties to go until I get new salary :D I have to stick it out! :D 

I wish you all a great weekend!



  1. Dein Schmuckgebamsel <3
    Dein Schrank <3

    Wann kann ich einziehen oder erben? :D

  2. wir können ja Pat rauswerfen :D ...aber dann gibts keinen Auflauf a la Pat mehr :D