how to... get frosty!

...and how to get an impressive nail-look with less efforts... ;)

for all who wanna know how I made the sponge-nail-art I invented a little tutorial for you. (heavy pics ahead!)

so let's begin...

first you need this equipment:
Nail polish in different shades - from white to dark-blue and glitter polish for the finish

Q-tips, nail polish remover, pads and a simple kitchen sponge
 first apply the lightest color all over your nails - I use P2 color victim No. 501 freeze

then it's time for the sponge - cut it in convenient quarters - you only need one quarter for a whole sponge style...

now the first step of blue - beginning with the lightest blue (I use essence colour&go in No.52 "out of my mind") - put some polish on a plate and dip the sponge in. And dab it lightly on the nail - leave a quarter in white...

the next steps with the darker ones... the areas getting smaller as the blue gets darker...
LA Colors "Wired"

P2 black deluxe limited edition No. 010 "black pearl"

finish the colors with some glitter - i mixed LA Colors "Aqua Crystals" and essence colour&go No. 78 "blue addicted" and apply it only on the tips of my nails:

now get rid of the blue stains on your fingers - by using a q-tip and nail polish remover

and: tadaaaaaaaaaaa - frosty nails 

PS: seal it with a top coat ;)

that was my saturday look - the frosty nails and I tried the purple eyeshadow from Kiko - great color, very well covering and vibrant *love*

hope you like the little "how to" :D

kisses from



  1. ooo purdy <3

    wish i could my nails long and turn them into little pieces of art <3