lazy Sunday...

...is lazy!

Do you know these days when you could do soooo many things (and also have to do some important things) but you cannot get your ass up for doing anything? Yes - the little monster of sundayboredom got me in his iron fangs today...

so I made the most of this sunday with couching, teadrinking, knitting a bit (the first scarf I've ever made - a Harry Potter Slytherin-scarf for Pat), cuddeling the cats and watching the "catastrophe day" on TV - only apocalyptic movies... armageddon, 2012, mission to mars... yay! :D

some impressions of sunday lazyness at Meeow-Mansion:

uuuuuh... Fire! Trying my "Lampe Berger" I got for christmas....
green jasmine tea *love*
Meeow almost unmade-up and casual
sleepy Romeo is sleepy

the three laziest cats in the world...

wish you all a good start in the working-week :)

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