shop-ocalypse now!!!

...there's nothing more relaxing...

...like spending the end of a work day with shopping.

Shopping: win! Relaxing: fail! :D 
Today I payed my shopping-addiction with a wet ass and soaking through.

I went to the new shopping mall in Dortmund – the „Thier-Galerie“ - it's so awesome there. And in the evening time not very overcrowded. 
(see it here: *klick for shopocalypse*)
I planned to buy only some pants at Primark, but I left the store with more than just a black pair skinny jeans – I am incurable! :D

My yield of yesterday (except the black skinnies):

3 packages of bangles (I think, you can never have enough bangles)
*bling bling bling*
a teenage mutant ninja turtles shirt from the mens corner (yes, sometimes I am a little bit nerdy, and for sure: my little brother will envy me) Hello Dennis ;D hihi...
a pair of animal socks ^^

i loooove my pink closet ^^
so gorgeous <3
and last but not least 2 great suitable storage compartments for our walk-in closet – soooo pretty and congenial to the pink wall color. The first step to get the walk-in closet complete... Meanwhile we live in our new home since 2 months – but the closet looks like someone threw  a bomb in :D

But I think, Rome wasn't built in a day either :D
After shopping I stopped by Yaa's – they make so delicious bubbletea – I tried green milk tea (and I suggest it tastes a little bit like jasmine-tea *yummy*) with mango- and passion-fruit-popping-bubbles. Om nom nom!
And look at the cuuuute Hello-Kitty-cover-plate <3

After getting my daily portion of bubbletea, I returned to my car – but I didn't expect that the weather got worse while I was in the dry and warm mall... What a storm... and this drenching rain. O.o
When I arrived at my car, I was soaking wet from head to toe, my paperbag from Primark was drained and the water dripped from my nose. No pain - no gain! :D

I think, for the next weeks I am jolly well fed up with shopping … I give my solemn promise! * wink wink *




  1. aww diese hänge aufbewahrung gefällt mir, die meisten sind ja... nur noch hässlich, wo hast du die erbeutet?

  2. genau, die meisten sind einfach schäbig - ich hab sie im Primark entdeckt - in der allerhintersten Ecke ;)

  3. Oh what pretty canvas shelves! Such a pretty design. Love your blog btw, you've got really cool nail designs :3

  4. thanks soooo much Rosi <3 and thanks for the follow - your blog is also really inspiring :)

    Yes - the design of the canvas shelves fits perfectly to my little pink boudoir :D ;)