the shopoholics anonymous

Hello, my name is Meeow and I am a shopoholic... 

...last tuesday I gave my solemn promise that it's enough shopping for the rest of the month... It lasted for 2 days. :) 

Okay okay, I shopped the things before I gave my promise – so it's okay – isn't it? (typical excuses for a heavy shopoholic, I know I know...) 

Yesterday my package with 2 great lipglosses arrived me: The lime crime carousel collection – and now I have 2 of them for my own. 
Look at these sweet packings and the awesome look of the glosses – it looks like licorice :) 

And – of course – I tried them straightaway... the candyapple-red is darker as seen here, but my cam lightens it up a bit. I am pleasantly surprised – the gloss is so great covering, with only one application. The little brush is perfect to get precise contoures. The gloss itself doesnt feel sticky but it stays on the lips for some hours. And this vibrant glitter – I love it!!! 

Candy Apple
 And today a big package from Poland was waiting for me when I came home. I ordered at restyle.pl  - a great onlineshop with very kind prices and quick delivery. I decided to buy only some accessoires... 
...some silver skeleton hands, a brain- and a bird-skull brooch and ribcage-earrings... 
little treasures from Poland... :)
and an inexpensive corset – for customizing ;) 
...but then I saw a breathtaking outfit – and I fell in love with it. I don't know when I will get the chance to take it out (probably the next festival in summer?) - but the most important thing is to have it in my closet! :D 
Love at first sight!!!
 … and yes, I must confess: I am incorrigible – I haven't bought anything since tuesday – but tomorrow I will go to IKEA to get a new kitchen :D :D 
wish you all an awesome weekend!
Kisses, yours


  1. Awwwww, nur tolle Sachen...*haben haben haben haben will.... ALLES*

  2. OMG-I´m an addict too!! So geniale Sachen!!! Musste doch glatt mal was bestellen.... *angesteckt* ;-D

  3. fragile dreams07 Januar, 2012 17:42

    Woooow, das Outfit ist ja der Hammer und steht dir bestimmt total toll <3 Falls du zum Mera kommst, musst du es da unbedingt anziehen *live bewundern will* :D ^^

  4. oooh danke *knutsch* - ja ich hatte geplant, es wenn dann zum Mera anzuziehen ^^ (Falls das Lineup dieses Jahr noch besser werden sollte :D )

  5. Ich nochmal...diese Lime crime - Glosses....gibt es die auch in Deutschland?


  6. keine Ahnung - aber ich denke mal, dass sie deutlich günstiger sind, wenn man sie in Amiland direkt bestellt ;)

    Knutscher zurück!! :-*

  7. Antworten
    1. Hihi - ja, die sind super nicht wahr? :) Ich hatte sonst auch immer nur diese Plastikhände in allen erdenklichen Farben - aber die aus Metall sind erstens viel robuster (wie viele meiner Plastikhände schon den ein oder anderen Finger verloren haben T____T) und zweitens sehen sie viel edler aus - gibts bei Restyle.pl für n Appel und n Ei ;)