turbolent tuesday...


What a day!
Finally home - back from IKEA and totally tired.
At least I bought a new kitchen today - and it's the kitchen of my dreams - I am soooo glad.
And now: waiting for delivery in 2 weeks.
Pat and me were almost 3 hours in the store, planning, picking out, calculating - now I am totally exhausted. But looking forward for the kitchen - and looking forward for baking cookies and cooking on the new stove! Yeah!
 It's exactly that type of kitchen I wanted - the ivory-colored covering and the black-stone-countertop fits to my rose- and dark-grey-painted walls. I am so jittery :)

When I came home, a package for which I've been waiting for soooo long waited for me - The content: curtains! Curtains - perfectly made for a little goth like me. It took 5 weeks until they made their long way from USA to Germany. I cannot wait until we assemble the curtain-rod in the livingroom.

And last but not least: We are parents - my sea-monkeys (*klick it if you don't know them*) hatched out today - but they are too small to take a good photo :D (will follow soon)

That's all for today - time for bed!
Good night :-*



  1. congrats. kitchen is so important.

  2. aaaawww - thanks so much :) und dankefein :-*

  3. Wer baut denn die Küche auf?

    Haaach, die Gardinchen sind ein Träumchen. Göttlich!!

  4. ich hoffe, Pat und Papa bauen die auf :D aber wenn du IKEA-Küchen-Aufbau-Erfahrung hast, bist du herzlich eingeladen :D

    jau ich bin gespannt, wie sich die Gardinchen am Fensterchen machen :)

    Bussi!!! :-*