wanna know Me(eow)?

~*100 questions about me*~
~Basic Info~
Name:: Meeow
Age:: almost 33
Sex:: yes - please ^^
Height:: 1,74 m
Hair Color:: naturally brown, right now black
Eye Color:: brown
Body Type:: curvy :D
Religion:: abolished
Ethnicity:: european
Orientation:: confused and disoriented
Status:: happily together
Color?: black, green, violet, pink
Hair Style?: frizzy and colorful
Food?: Italian+Asian+Arabic
Soda?: cream ^^
Alchoholic Beverage?: beer -hey... I am german! :D
Store?: too much
Mall?: Thier Galerie Do.
State?: UK <3
City?: London+Berlin+Amsterdam
Animal?: Cats of course
Movie?: every Burton ;)
TV Show?: "Schwiegertochter gesucht" XD
Book?: Lord of the Rings
Music?: everything loud+dark
Song?: too much :)
Band/Artist?: Deine Lakaien + Placebo and many others...
Website?: i think its facebook :D (the most time...)

~This or That~
Soda or Juice?: green tea :D
Music or Internet?: Music
Rock or Rap?: what the hell??? Rock n Roll of course...
Dogs or Cats?: both :)
White or Black?: striped ;)
Myspace or Bebo?: Bebowhat? :D
Cell Phone or I-pod?: I am not a fan-girl :D
Curly Hair or Straight Hair?: curlywurly
Lap-Top or Computer?: Laptop :)
Corded Phone or Cordless?: cordless at home, corded at office
Mountain Dew or Pepsi?: Pepsi
Pen or Pencil?: Pen
MP3 Player or I-pod?: hey - i am not a... forget it... :P
Phone or Internet?: Internet
Single or Taken?: Taken <3
School or Work?: schools out since 14 years :D
What do you do on your spare time?: too many for too less time
What do you wish you had more time for?: for everything
Whats your usual clothing style?: colorful blackness :D
Whats your usual hair style?: curly and frizzy
What are you wearing?: I prefer clothes
Are you single or taken?: who the fuck created this survey????
If taken, by who?: by Patpat-Pat :3
Who would you die for?: no one - I love my life ^^
Are you a virgin?: suuuure ^^
What do you think of one night stands?: wtf? I am catholic-upbringing and well-educated :D
Whos your best friend?: I have some very good friends - one of them is my FF (Favourite-Fabi :D)
How long have you been friends?: since some years... hey Fabi... how long? 4 years or something...?
How did you and your best friend meet?: at a party called dark saturday
Do you have any pets?: yep
If yes, how many?: 3 cats+1 Pat :D
Do you plan on getting married?: not yet
Do you plan on having kids?: nooohohooo *silly laughing*
If so, how many?: ---
How old did you wish you were?: 30 was a pretty good year
If you were to be anywhere right now, where would you be?: on a holiday
Why?: I need holiday
Ever gone Camping?: yep
Have you ever caught a fish and ate it?: outdoor activities on camping??? no - just drank beer there
Have you ever gone water skiing?: nope
Have you ever gone water tubing?: tubing?
Have you ever gone skiing on a mountain?: yep
Have you ever gone tubing on a mountain?: tubing??
Have you ever gone Snowboarding?: nope
Ever gone to church?: yep
Ever gone to a famous water park?: as a child...
Ever gone out of State?: sure
Ever gone out of the country?: yep
When was the last time you left town?: today :D for work...
Anything you got planned for this weekend?: yep sure...
If so, what?: birthday party of my lovely sister-in-law
Is this survey curing your bordom?: no... I am more bored than before :D
Do you resemble anyone famous?: some say I am a little bit like Fran Drescher :D (also my voice -.-' )
Are you related to anyone famous?: nope
If so, who?: ---
Do you think your hott?: someone wrote this survey and had no idea of orthography....
Do other people think your hott?: some pervert... sure
Do you think your skinny?: hahaha - no :D
Or do you think your fat?: after a package ben&Jerrys - sure ^^
Or just in between fat and skinny?: curvy, Honey, the call it CURVY!
What year were you born in?: 1979
Ever been on a blind date?: yep... it was awful :D
What do you enjoy doing when your bored?: nothing - I am bored - thats enough business ^^
What do you do in the summer time?: drinking beer on a festival....
Are you naturally tanned?: nope
Or are you kinda pale?: oh yes
Do you live in a house?: no - under a bridge...
Or do you live in a apartment?: seems so
What do you have on your mind?: you dont wanna know it ^^
What time is it?: 21:26

time to go to bed now... before I have to answer some more stupid questions caused by mondayevening-boredom :D
Hugs + kisses


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