bubblebath of the dead...

...with a bubbly sugarskull...

I looooove sugarskulls - so I couldn't resist buying one of these sweet skulls last Halloween - and last Sunday it was time to try it - after it decorated my bathroom for a few months :D

It was the Skullduggery bath ballistic from lush - ia special limited edition for Halloween 2011 - and I hope it will recur next Day of the Dead in the lush stores.
I love this nice and fresh scent - a decent fragrance with lime and neroli and olibanum (also known as frankincense resinoid - a woody aromatic oil which covers the skin with a softening film). The citrusy scent is refreshing and it was a blessing using it after a long long party night!
These decorated skulls, also known as Sugar Skulls or Calaveras are iconic in Mexican Day of the Dead imagery. Sugar skulls represent a departed soul, with the name written on the forehead and placed on the home ofrenda or gravestone to honor the return of a particular spirit. I like this Mexican tradition and I hope Lush will continue this tradition in relaunching these skulls as soon as possible :D

Have a nice and scary evening
sugar kisses


POTW # 4 - Candy Zebra...

...pink - turquoise and holo!

Sorry sweeties for the late POTW posting this time - and sorry for the bad quality of the pic - I hope you enjoy it nonetheless...

I used Kiko nail lacquer No. 251 (the pink one) - for the turquoise a combination of P2 color victim No. 222 "artful" and essence color&go No. 52 "out of my mind", the zebra pattern is made with P2 color victim No. 210 "eternal" and Konad stamping template No. m57 - Top coat is essence Black & White (LE) No. 01 "make me holo"

candy kisses


Skelepants - the prototype...

...and: a little bit anatomy besides...

Yesterday I was a bit creative - a friend of mine gave me the inspiration for painting and customizing clothes with acrylic color.

Before I tried this, I only painted my clothes with special fabric color - but I was pleasantly surprised of the good covering characteristics of the white acrylic color (although the fabric gets a bit inflexible after painting - i must admit).

I made a prototype with white color and a cheap Primark leggins (3 €) - I am not deeply contented, but for the first time and free hand drawing it's quite a nice result...
please don't mind my socks :D

so here we go - step by step:
 the basic materials: acrylic color, brushes, a cheap leggins...

first the patellas - try to paint them at the position of your own knees - I failed a bit (but its the prototype - so, nevermind :D )
...pelvic bone...
 and last but not least: coccygeal bone, sacrum and lumbal vertebrae...

Okay - it's not the best skelepants - the femurs could be thicker and my knees could be lower :D but I am learning leggins by leggins ;) (hey - i can repeat myself: It's only a prototype :D )

Hope all of you had a great start into the new week!
Hugs and kisses


Sea Monkeys...

...at the age of 6 weeks ^^

my sweet little Seamonkeys (brine-shrimps/ Urzeitkrebse / artemia) in action...
The water is so dimly because it was feeding-time ^^
they are getting bigger and bigger day by day...
(and some of them are already coupling - time for little sweet artemia-babies ^^ )

Wish you all a great day :-*
wet kisses from my sea monkeys


I am the queen of the kitchen...

... and I love my pink kingdom!

Hey Sweeties...
My kitchen is almost finished - on Saturday Pat assembled the new exhaust hood and my skull curtain (it's so great when you have someone at home with home-improvement-skills!)

Even if the kitchen needs some things (a cupboard, a frame for the ugly wall on the oven-side) I feel like a queen in it - and I love cooking on my new ceramic hob!

I wanna share with you some insights in my little pink realm:
 this ovencloth is made by my great grandmother - it's more than 40 years old ^^
 dinner time ^^

 Pat calls this cat tenderly "the puking kitty" :D
 I found this toaster on a rag-fair ^^

do you like my pink kingdom? :D
Hugs & kisses


Send me a box full of beauty #2...

...or: my second box of beauty!

Yes, on Saturday my second Douglas box of beauty arrived Meeow mansion - full with interesting stuff and lots of beauty treatments...
 from left to the right: 
* Charlotte Meentzen - facial cream set "Natur pur"
* Kiehl's - Midnight recovery concentrate
* Dr. Scheller - Calendula handbalm (nothing really special - calendula handbalms always remind me on my granny, who collected them - the typical handbalms you get as a little gift in a german pharmacy)
* Hugo Boss - Boss Orange shower gel (I love the fragrance and just take a shower with it - so nice!)
* Santaverde - Aloe Vera creme medium
 the box of Charlotte Meentzen includes two products - one for the day and one for the night
The day care is moisturizing, the night care is rich. I like natural cosmetic and I am interested in testing them. The creams are made with natural oils and the day care is supposed to be a perfect base for make-up. I like the fragrance of them - they scent so... green and fresh ^^
 And another natural beauty product: the Santaverde aloe vera cream. It's the original size product for this month. The particular fact is, that Santaverde uses aloe vera juice instead of water in its cream. A double pro is that Santaverde has the BDIH seal and the leaping bunny on their products. ;)
The texture of the cream is very light and the fragrance is nice and green - you only need a little bit to apply it on your face - and my skin feels so soft the whole day since I used it. hmmmmm ^^
 The Kiehl's midnight recovery concentrate looks like a pharma product in its vial.
Its a replenishing elixir of pure essential oils. I think I will try it this night - I am interested if it repairs my skin as they promise...
What products you would like to try?

Hugs and kisses

Back to the 80s (# 2) ...

...the final pics :)

On Friday we went to the 80s-party of a good friend of Pat. As I told you, I wanted to style myself up a little bit punky mixed with 80s-prom-night-girly-style.

And these are the results of this evening:
*the dress is originally vintage - it's from "Schwarze Truhe" Berlin *take a look* - I love it and I think I will dare to wear it on other parties, this skirt is so vibrant purple and the top is so kind to me - making a slight figure...^^
*To push the skirt a little bit more, I have - besides the sewed-on petti - an additional petticoat under it... (don't know where I got it - I think from a goth-store somewhere)
*The belt is from Monki - I love Monki - they have so much 80s-lookalike-clothes for little money *click for their online-shop*
* 3/4-leggins from Madonna
*purple leopard tights (I think I bought them at the M'era Luna Festival :D)
*legwarmers (bought on a market in the Netherlands)
*the ankle boots are from Deichmann - I love them - they look like pikes - but not so pointed
*I worn one net- and one lace-glove - fingerless of course ^^
*a black chaplet
* thoooooousands of bangles - some of them from a nice workmate of me
*star-earrings (also from the nice workmate) and a pink-black feather-earring

and now the make-up:
the main eyeshadows I used are from the Sleek I-divine acid palette, besides this I used Acid Me, Myself&Eye palette, Kiko eyeshadow in deep purple, Essence holographic eyeshadow, P2-eyeshadow (also on my cheeks) and the Sleek lipstick in amethyst...
 ponytail hairdo on the side of the head is obligation :D
 I think I will try this eye-make-up-style also on other occasions - without 80s-motto :D
I hope you liked that little trip into the past ;)

Thousands of hugs


I want Kitsch...

...cause girls need kitsch!

On Tuesday I went with Pat to "Ostermann Trends" - just to buy some shoe-shelves... and I came back with a little bit unneeded but - in my opinion- needful things...

The market place on the lower floor is crammed with unneccessary stuff - the right place to be for someone like a little Meeow.

I was on kitsch-cloud nine.

Good for me and my wallet, that Pat was with me, so I didn't swoop for all stuff.

But I saw so much kitschy things: a pink rhinoceros-head for the wall, a skull-telephone (but without a display and not cordless - thats why I didn't bought it), a coffemug with revolver-handle, brain-freeze-icecube-maker, tins that look like cupcakes, 3d-posters, pink birdcages and and and and....

But beside the shoe-racks, also some little things winded up in my shopping-cart:

...a skull-curtain I wanted for so long! On Saturday it's time for assembling.
*click for curtain*

...a second Jewellery-Judy for my thousands of earrings (my first one is totally overloaded). Cheetah-dress!!! *love*
...some pretty violet candle bulbs - I love the light that they shed...

...a doormat - for our sweet sweet home!
...some silver Indian bowls and plates for my jewellery and my make up...
...and: white acrylic color - for what? For everything I want to smarten up ...
...for example the new shoe-shelves... what do you think? Should I smarten them up with a little white paint? With skeletons or bones or something like this...

Hugs and kisses


POTW #3 - Green Glitter...

...with Kiko and essence...

Hey Sweeties...

one day later than the last POTW-postings - but it's never too late for nice nail polish :D

My polish-of-the-week #3 is a mixture of 2 green shades: Kiko No. 296 and essence colour & go No. 38 "choose me!"
I love this combination - the essence polish has a wonderful shimmer and the green Kiko polish is so luscious. 

Hope all of you had a good start into the new week!

Kiss kiss kiss


Red is love and red is life...

...splashed upon my basement walls... 
 (The Other - lovesick mind)

Hey Sweeties -

just a little Sunday blogpost today. 

After a long party night yesterday, Pat and I had to get up early today by our normal-Sunday-standards and visited his grandmother for cakes and coffee. So the day comes to an end much faster than I expected and the next working week will be filled with a lots of duties and tasks. -.-'

To be not absolutely inactive this weekend - I wanna show you my yesterdays make up - I used MAC eyeshadow, the Sleek palette Me, Myself & Eye, my new Barry M lipstick in black together with Lime Crime candy apple carousel gloss, P2 lip- and eyeliner and false lashes from essence.
When I continued tidying up the walk-in-closet, I found my long-time-not-worn skull dress in one of our thousand moving-boxes ... it was time to give this dress a new chance :D

Wish you all a great start into the new week.

Hugs and kisses