Back to the 80s (# 2) ...

...the final pics :)

On Friday we went to the 80s-party of a good friend of Pat. As I told you, I wanted to style myself up a little bit punky mixed with 80s-prom-night-girly-style.

And these are the results of this evening:
*the dress is originally vintage - it's from "Schwarze Truhe" Berlin *take a look* - I love it and I think I will dare to wear it on other parties, this skirt is so vibrant purple and the top is so kind to me - making a slight figure...^^
*To push the skirt a little bit more, I have - besides the sewed-on petti - an additional petticoat under it... (don't know where I got it - I think from a goth-store somewhere)
*The belt is from Monki - I love Monki - they have so much 80s-lookalike-clothes for little money *click for their online-shop*
* 3/4-leggins from Madonna
*purple leopard tights (I think I bought them at the M'era Luna Festival :D)
*legwarmers (bought on a market in the Netherlands)
*the ankle boots are from Deichmann - I love them - they look like pikes - but not so pointed
*I worn one net- and one lace-glove - fingerless of course ^^
*a black chaplet
* thoooooousands of bangles - some of them from a nice workmate of me
*star-earrings (also from the nice workmate) and a pink-black feather-earring

and now the make-up:
the main eyeshadows I used are from the Sleek I-divine acid palette, besides this I used Acid Me, Myself&Eye palette, Kiko eyeshadow in deep purple, Essence holographic eyeshadow, P2-eyeshadow (also on my cheeks) and the Sleek lipstick in amethyst...
 ponytail hairdo on the side of the head is obligation :D
 I think I will try this eye-make-up-style also on other occasions - without 80s-motto :D
I hope you liked that little trip into the past ;)

Thousands of hugs


  1. amazing makeup! :D you look soooo cute! *__* <3

    1. hihi ^^ thank you sooooo much, Sweetie :-* <3

  2. Sieht wirklich total cool aus!!
    Dir steht aber auch alles :)

    1. ooooh danke *rotwerd* ich hatte ja immer gedacht, dass gerade gelber Lidschatten bei mir schrecklich aussieht - scheinbar gehts ja doch ganz gut :D

  3. Schnieke...den Ohrring kenn ich *ggg* <3