I need silver... I need gold... I need SUGARPILL!

...a little review+swatch of Sugarpill's Tiara and Goldilux...

Hey sweeties!

Finally my package from Sugarpill arrived me and I am totally happy...
 and what's in it? The chromalust loose eyeshadows Goldilux and Tiara and a free sample of Birthday Girl, false lashes (Shady Lane) and two great glitter stickers :)
 look at this sweet packaging - i love the design...

 sparkle sparkle... ^^
The eyeshadows on my arm: birthday girl - goldilux - tiara
They are used dry without any base 

The chromalusts are very smooth, silky and easy to apply (perfect for blending!) - they are vegan and even without a base, they are rocking - but I think, using them wet or with a sticky base they reveal their totally brightness. (Another plus is that you can use them wet and dry and that they are longlasting.)

Altough Birthday Girl is a sample, it's enough for some looks - it's a sweet light Disney-princess pink (cotton candy like) with iridescent sparkles. Birthday Girl is a little bit pale besides the gold and the silver but I think with a good primer it's perfect for some Barbiemakeup :D

My favorite is Goldilux - a warm golden metallic bronze.  Goldilux is so intense, vibrant and it sparkles so nice - even if you apply it dry - I am totally curious how it will look on my eyes... 

Tiara is metallic silver with iridescent silver sparkles. I love it and I think I will use it often for highlights. :) 

 I think I will try the Shady Lane eyelashes and the Chromalusts this evening - I will show you the results as soon as possible! :)

Hugs & Kisses

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