send me a box full of beauty # 3....

...or: the march box of beauty from Douglas!

Hey sweeties!

After I had to wait longer than I thought, I got my third box of beauty with a delivery time after 5 days ...
This time it was filled mainly with body lotions - now I've really enough body lotions to cream on a whole football team: D (but probably more of a women's football team).
 from left to right (clockwisely):
* Jean Paul Gaultier - classique bodylotion (30 ml)
* Lacoste - Joy of pink - bodylotion (the voucher says shower gel - but I got a bodylotion) :D (50 ml)
* DKNY - golden delicious bodylotion (30 ml)
* Juicy Cuture - viva la juicy EdP (5 ml)
* Artdeco French Manicure Pen (Original Size

My favourite product of this box is the DKNY bodylotion - it smells like golden delicious apples and has a golden shimmer.
The Lacoste bodylotion has also a very nice fragrance but i don't like bodylotions with a very diluted texture. I need the feeling of cream on my skin for feeling creamed.
The Gaultier Lotion is too perfumed to my liking. 
 I like the scents of Juicy Cuture - look a this cute flacon - i love it!

 The french manicure pen box of Artdeco has some stencils in the box and the pen looks like a typical edding. I like french manicure - but i dont use it very often. Time for give this little pen a try, I think... I will write a little review when I first use it!

In conclusion, I must say that the March box is average - not really a burner but also no total loss. Let's wait for April....

What about you? Would some of you buy a product of this box?

Hugs 'n' Kisses

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