Sleek Curacao palette....

...swatches and review!

Hey sweeties!
As i showed you in my last entries, a good friend of me gave me the i divine Carribean collection Curacao palette by Sleek to my birthday. And now its time for a little review :)

Like ever - the Sleek palette comes in a nice packaging - and the palette itself is in a black elegant matte case with a mirror and an applicator in it. (But as I said in the last reviews - I don't like the applicators - I prefer brushes)

The colors are named like cocktails....
 top row (from left to right): 
tequila sunrise: an intense shimmering golden orange
Martini: a shimmering white-beige
Blue hawaiian: pale aquamarine blue
Bloody Mary: matte carmine red
Screwdriver: bright intense sunny yellow
Green Iguana: shimmering mossy green

lower row:
Apres Midori: shimmering light yellow green
Blue lagoon: intense matte aqua blue
Purple haze: matte dark blackish violet
Green Martini: shimmering dark olive green with golden shine
Singapore sling: shimmering bright Barbie pink
Espresso Martini: matte deep black
 The palette comes with 6 shimmering and 6 matte eyeshadows. The colors are intense and bright - as you can see on the pics below - i applied them on my arm without (lower row) and with a primer (top row). They are high pigmented and long lasting.
with sunlight
without flash (lower row with primer)
without flash (upper row with primer)
 My favourites are Green Iguana, Singapore Sling and Tequila Sunrise - cause they are so bright.
The colors are great for blending and like other Sleek editions, the texture is light and feels gentle on the skin.

I think in the future -  I will show you some looks done with this palette - so be curious :)

Hugs 'n'Kisses


  1. Freut mich, anscheinend alles richtig gemacht :D


    1. auf jeden Fall <3 die Palette ist soooo schön - ich habe sie auch gestern zum ersten Mal "ausgeführt" ;)