u.m.a. gel eyeliner review...

...or: my first experiences with a gel eyeliner...

Hey sweeties -

- I use eyeliner pretty much - especially black liquid eyeliner. But I never tried a gel eyeliner before. 
When I was shopping with Pat on Friday, I stopped by an u.m.a. counter at a supermarket (you can get u.m.a. in german supermarkets like real, Kaufhof or Woolworth) - I love the products by u.m.a., they are very low in price but the quality is quite good. 
Without thinking too much I tossed the gel eyeliner and the compatible brush into my cart to try them at home - and I was pleasantly surprised.

The texture is very nice and creamy, but not too thin, the black is deep and well covering 
...and with the help of the brush, you can draw clean lines - I often have trouble with hard and inflexible brushes of liquid eyeliners - I prefer long and flexible brushes. But the brush is very easy to handle and drawing a line is easy and fast. The synthetic bristles are slightly tapered so that drawing thin and thick lines easily. The brush as itself is soft and don't stings on the sensitive eyelid.
some lines on my arm... with one layer... and without primer
The color itself is very longlasting - when I tried to wash off the lines on my arm, it comes to light, that the gel eyeliner is very waterproof - great! I searched for a good waterproof eyeliner to can go swimming with painted eyebrows (I am one of these eyebrow-amputated goth-chicks ^^).

 (sorry for the bad quality of the pics) -.-'

Hope you liked my little review!
Wish you all a great start into the new week!

Hugs 'n' Kisses


  1. I love Gel eyeliner. It glides on so smoothly. :)

    1. yep, thats true - it's so easy to handle - i use it every day since i bought it ^^