my friends are the bests...

...and know what I love most!

Hey sweeties!

Take a look at these pretty things two friends of mine (who couldnt attend my birthday-bash) gave to me the last days! aaaaaaawwwww... LOVE!!!!
a Darkside shirt - I love the shirts from this brand - it's a men-shirt in Size S - but it fits perfectly - better than every girly-shirt! Love it soooo much! Thanks so much, Miri!!! *kiss kiss kiss*
a gothy PEZ Hello Kitty *thihi* (I am never too old for Hello Kitty stuff :D ) and look at the pretty hairbow - I will wear it today! *soooo cute*
a set of make up brushes (and I needed new ones - yay!) - a lovely necklace (it looks so pretty together with my new lace top) - and wonderful almond hand balm from the bodyshop - it smells like marzipan and feels so gentle on my skin - thanks sooooooooo much dear Svenja! *hug and kiss*
I must be a very nice and well-behaved girl the past year :)

Do you go for some of those things? :)

aaaaaand Happy Easter to you!

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  1. Hihihihi...das Hello Kitty Ding hab ich mir auch letztens geholt :D