POTW #7: Meeow turned peacocky...

...with a lot of glitter and blingbling!

Hey sweeties!

It's one week ago since my last blogpost. I was soooo busy the last week - had a lot to do and met a lot of people... got my microdermal on tuesday (I will show you when i don't need a plaster anymore), went to a 94th birthay, was in cologne (yesterday at Hell Nights yay!)...and time is slipping away as often. But tomorrow I have a free office-day so I can restore myself a bit until I meet some friends for a bit bar-hopping in Essen. :)

Yesterday I tried a new nail-art-thingie - I wanted to have nails that match with my peacock-earrings. So I used my beloved sponge-technique to apply a lot of different colors on my nails....
you can never have enough glitter!
First I applied the frosty white completely over my nails, then I used a sponge to dab the different colors one by one.... and last but not least I finished it with a holo glitter topcoat.
These are the polishes I used (top-down):
♥ P2 - 501 freeze
♥ P2 - 232 shockful
♥ SpaRitual - Solstice
♥ P2 - 222 artful
♥ P2 - 570 so cool!
♥ LA colors - jewel tone
♥ essence - nail art special effect topper 03 hello holo

of curse I sealed everything with a topcoat (SpaRitual)

Hope you liked my mani :)


  1. Wow, glitzeroverload - finde ich richtig klasse! ^_^
    Bin schon gespannt auf das Bild.

    1. Glitzeroverload ist doch immer was feines :D Danke für das Kompliment ^^

  2. Cool nails! I wish I was that talented in nail art! Guess I havent trained that much yet and definitely not have all the colours :)

    1. Thanks a lot :) I am a little polish-junkie ;)

  3. mmm! i like it (so glitterly *__*)! it really looks like peacock :]
    unfortunately i can't make any nail art... >_>

    1. thanks a lot sweetie :-* but why you can't? Its totally easy just using a simple kitchen sponge to apply the colors... ;)

  4. uiiii nen dermal <3 ich bin gespannt wo dus hast :) ich mag bildas sehen

    1. Habs im Dekolletté ^^ Bilder kommen, sobald das doofe Pflaster ab ist - derzeit siehts noch etwas unschön aus mit meiner Pflasterkrätze drumherum :D