Springtime in Meeow's bathtub...

...with Bubblebloom from Lush!

Hey sweeties!

I got a Bubblebloom ("The Mum" in UK) from my office mates - and I never thought that this flower can be used more than one time....

Bubblebloom is one of Lush's reusable bubble bars, it can be swished into a pre-run bath or held under a running tap to produce lots of fragrant bubbles. When you’ve got enough bubbles, just put the Bubblebloom on one side to dry and you’ll be able to use it for several more baths. It goes rock hard when drying until you will use it again...

It's amazing how intensive the fragrance of this flower is - even if you only swirl it a little in the water. It smells like fresh green grass, lime and orange - that's how springtime smells for me - the fresh fragrance is the same as the green Bubbleroon from Lush.
after using it... still big enough for more bubblebaths....
And a special tip from Lush: once you've finished bathing, you can use the nutrient filled water for your plants around the house and garden.
sooooooo much bubbles *love*
The only pity is, that the german Bubblebloom doesnt come with a special name tag like "The Mum" in UK - it got seeds embedded in the paper! If you dig this name tag in the garden, you'll be rewarded with some lovely wild flowers... 

Wish you all a happy easter-time!

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