POTW #9 - Holo-Nails!

...get a Nfu-Oh-look with some low-price brand...

Hey sweeties -
time for another PolishOfTheWeek-post - this week I am wearing holo-polish from WONder - its "Noelani"
I've searched for a long time for a polish like the Nfu-Oh Holographic-ones - and I found this little wonder - a little nail varnish bottle of WONDer you can get on ebay Germany for only 2 €. I used P2 eternal as base and then two coats of Noelani - and tadaaaaa: make me holo, Baby! ^^
its absolute beauty the polish reveals in sunlight.....



Nothing distracts me like painting and sketching...

...from my thoughts in the last weeks...

Hey sweeties - 
sorry that it was a bit quiet around me the last weeks, but I had a very sad episode in my life and I was too busy with coming in terms with this. Some of you might know what I mean - I've lost an important person in my life and I miss her deeply -
The only thing that helped me the last two weeks was painting, painting, painting... Our apartment looked like a pigpen but the only energy I had was for loosing myself in watercolor and sketching... it was like a little therapy....
...but now my tears have dried and I am feeling better day by day...and by the way I created a new tattoo for me...
the butterfly - first sketch...
the butterfly - work in progress...
the butterfly - finished....
Kali - first sketch...
Kali - work in progress....
my cat Leo - a little sketch by the way....
Queen of hearts - first sketch...

Succubus - first sketch..
and here is my next tattoo :) the octo-puss ;)
in aquarelle
Hope you liked my little exhibition :)


Tuesday is Soupday

today at chez Mööf: Green creamy Peasoup with mint-ricotta *mmmmmmh*

Hey sweeties -
I decided that Pat and I have a soup day per week and I try to cook every tuesday a fresh new veggi soup - today I wanna show you:
the green creamy pea soup with mint-ricotta (I added some chili strings ;) )
This soup is fresh, quick, delicous and stuffes a lot.

You need:
♥ 2 tbs Soy-margarine (Sojola) or butter
♥ 1 big onion, fine chopped
♥ 2 cloves of garlic, fine chopped
♥ 200 ml white wine
♥ 600 ml vegetable stock
♥ 500 g green frozen peas
♥ 250 g soy-cream
♥ a big hand full of chopped mint 
♥ 250 g Ricotta
♥ Salt + Pepper

First sautée the onion and the fine chopped garlic in the hot fat. Add the wine, let it stir a bit to reduce it and then add the vegetable stock. Boil everything for 5 minutes. Than add the peas and the cream and let it boil for 10 minutes. 
In the meantime you can prepare the ricotta - chop the mint finely and add the half amount to the ricotta, season it with salt and pepper. The other half of mint add to the soup.
Blend the soup with the help of an immersion blender and season it with salt and pepper!
Before serving add a ricotta dumpling on your soup.
It tastes delicious with ciabatta!

Enjoy it!


Let's do the time warp...

...back to 1984 :)

My auntie gave me this press cutting - see the little Curly Sue? Yes! Thats Meeow :D It was taken for press on a preschool festivity...
I cannot believe that this pic is almost 30 years old. :)



Kimchi Bambi Grey Lenses...

...a little review!
Hey sweeties-
it was a big wish to try grey lenses - so I ordered some at UNIQSO (click on the name for shop link). 
such a sweet packaging and a free lens case :)

Rosemary - most beautiful woman in town ^^

And I am totally happy - the Kimchi Bambi Grey Lenses are easy to wear and comfortable. They are three tones lenses and it gives your eyes a stunning three-d effect. The diameter is pretty large with 16.0 mm and gives your eyes a perfect big-eyed-doll-look. 
some facts:
Base Curve: 8.6
Diameter: 16.0mm
Lens Type:1 year.
You can get this lenses in different dioptres from 0,00 to 7,00 (perfect for Meeow the little mole :D)
Hope you liked this little review...

Meeow loves: Niniel-Chan...

...and her awesome blog!

Hey sweeties!

Last week I won a competition at Niniel-Chans Blog (click on the name for link) and I snatched these wonderful accessoires:

A wonderful skeleton brooch - congenial to my belt - I love it and I am totally addicted to ribcages and skeletons 
♥ A totally gorgeous collar made out of finest and soft lace and satin-ruffles - so sweet!

Niniel-Chans blog is stuffed with a lots of ideas, creative things and awesome accessoires - I love her style and her affection for purple ^^

Go on - and visit her!


I cut off my hair today...

...and have bangs now!

Hey sweeties -
noooo I am just kidding - Pat would gone mad if I cut off my hair to get bangs (he doesn't like bangs ^^). Nooo - this is one of my newest achievements: false bangs. I bought them on ebay at a shop in Hong-Kong and I've been waiting for more than 3 weeks until they arrived me. I think I have to trim it and cut the sides a bit - but its amazing how real these bangs are looking. You can easy clip then into your hair - its foolproof ^^
And I think, I look completely different with bangs... its scary that another hairstyle makes a completely different look... 

Wish you all a great evening!


POTW #8 - emerald glitter green...

...using NYX + U.M.A.

Hey sweeties -
time for another PolishOfTheWeek post - this week I am wearing green nails - after every tree around our house turned green the last days I wanted to have spring everywhere... :)
I used these polishes:
♥ U.M.A. "green dream"
♥ NYX "185 - Emerald Forest"
♥ SpaRituals TopCoat
Its a really screaming verdancy green - love it! ^^



I always thought I have a black thumb...

...but it seems as its a bit green ^^

Hey sweeties - 
Last weekend I started smartening up our balcony. I went to a garden-center to buy some herbs and potting soil and some flower boxes... and I couldnt hold back when I discovered the variety of exotic herbs they had there... so I came home with a load of plants, seeds and things I need for becoming a complete gardener.
I spent my weekend with digging, seeding, watering and potting...
remember the tomato plant I got from a friend for birthday? It is growing day by day :)
new little yellow tomato seedlings :)
Kitchen window....
first herbs: pygmy curry, basil, bloodwort, pineapple sage, wild majoram, sage (and in the right corner: thyme)
First flowers - I love lavender!
the babies in their pots....
vietnamese cilantro (coriander)
The balcony-project is not finished by a long shot...we wanna buy some wooden tiles and rush mats... and we need a nice table.
My mum (she has indeed a green thumb!) wants to help me with this project and I am looking forward to get the perfect summerplace as soon as possible - and the we wanna have a little barbeque party there!

Do you have a garden or a balcony? What are your favourite flowers and plants? I am curious! Let me know!


Glossybox April 2012 - give it another try!?

 ...surprise? surprise!

Hey sweeties -
after waiting for soooo long the glossybox of April arrived Meeow mansion...
I must admit that I was on the verge of discontinuing the subscription because I felt it so impertinently that Glossybox didn't shine in front of their customers a price increase and again with late delivery.
GB charged my account already weeks before delivery and then the April box came to me in May....
but, however, hey, Glossybox - there you turned the corner just in time - nevertheless, the package has tuned me again very mildly... I will stay at my subscription for one more month....

So let's see what nice stuff they sent me:

1. BM Beauty Blusher (Original size 4g - € 9,60)
I must confess - I am a bit addicted to little plastic pots ... I love eyeshadow and blush samples in it.
This blush in "peachy glow" is 100% mineral pigmented, the color is highly pigmented intensive and shiny and you can use it also on your eyes and lips - I tested it on my arm... and I love this blush! Its shimmering and is a bit iridescent (gives you a fresh and sunny look). You can blend it perfectly and the light apricot color is perfect for my pale pale paaaale cheeks ^^
the blush on my arm - I added a bit more to show you the nice glowing effect

2. Cosline - Kayal pen in aubergine (Original Size 0,3 ml 9€)
Hmmm... Kayal - you always make little goth girls happy with kayal :D And this is no black one - it's a really really dark aubergine - I love that color and I think I need an eyeshadow in that great color. The kayal itself is very precisely to apply, the lines are easy to draw and the color is very longlasting and waterproof. It convinces me. :)
The kayal on my wrist - its almost black but with a hint of aubergine....
3. Eubos - Hyaluron Repair & Protect LSF 20 (Original Size 50 ml, 24,90€)
This cream is stuffed with vitamine C and Q10 for evenly skin and prevent skin aging. It smells nice like babylotion and its very rich. But its not to my liking - I have oily skin and it feels on my face like a greasy film. Nothing I wouldnt buy... ;)

4. Illamasqua Sheer lipgloss (Original Size 7 ml, € 15,50)
I always wanted to try the Illamasqua glosses - but the first impression of this color "Temper" was: whoa - Tomato!!! O.o I wouldn't buy this color in a shop - cause I always thought, tomato-red doesnt fit to me. But Illamasqua disabused me: on my lips this color turns into a perfect classic retro red with a light orange pinch in it...
The gloss itself is very high pigmented, long lasting and feels smooth on my lips. Its well-covering and bright. And the little tube is easy to handle.
no - thats not ketchup... its a gloss!
ketchup lips ^^
5. KMS California Free Shape Quick Blow dry (Original Size 200 ml, 18€)
With this product, blow-dry is quicker (50% time-saving) - it smoothens the hair and protects against blowing-heat. It smells very chemically but I will try it the next time I have to blow my hair (I don't prefer hairdryers).

6. Thomas Sabo Charm Kiss Eau de Parfum (Original Size 50 ml, 49,90€)
Hmmmm delicious! I love that fragrance - its the right stuff for Meeow the old sweet tooth ^^ - dark chocolate, strawberries, plum, champagne, rose... it smells like the perfect dessert. Its one of those perfumes I would surely buy! It's on my christmas wishlist now ^^

Summarizing I can say, that this Glossybox was very adequate, no dead loss and high quality products. 

I hope, Glossybox will maintain the quality of their boxes - they have a very wonky status for me - but I will wait and see what the next boxes bring to me...

Did you make any experiences with these boxes?


I am a little Guerilla....

 ...and it's the fault of my pharmacist!

Yes - I don't tell any crap - My pharmacist get me hooked on it!
Weeks ago - I went to the pharmacy to buy some Chinosol-tablets - not for me! For potting-soil at home which turned mouldy. I told that to the pharamcist and he gave me this brown clayey-dry ball... What's this funny thing? Looks a bit like a forbidden drug... no! It's a flower bomb!
Flower Bombs - also known as Seed Balls or earth balls, consist of a variety of different flower seeds rolled within a ball of clay and you use them for seed bombing!
Seed bombing is a technique of introducing vegetation to land by throwing or dropping these seed balls. Often, seed bombing projects are done with arid or off-limits (for example, privately-owned) land - guerilla gardening!

The pharmacist told me, I can throw it anywhere in the city where green is needed (woah - "my" pharmacist - a little hippy ^^) - but I can also try this bomb at home - I choose the last opinion and now I am waiting until the first flowers shoot to the daylight on my balcony.

The next seed bomb - I promise - is for the puplic use! ;)


Cinco de Mayo retrospect...

 better late than never... 

Hey sweeties -
Last Monday I met a few good and also made some new friends - celebrating the 1st of May. Pat and I went to a good friend in Essen - we started there - drove by taxi into the inner-city to visit some bars and ended finally at where we've started: the apartment of our friend Sabrina ^^
It was an epic night and I wish every day could be like this may-day.....
group-photo! we're all looking a bit like little vampires with glowing eyes....
Mille - Sarah - Pat
Manny and I - I look a bit whacked... okay - it was... early in the morning ^^
Pat posed for a portrait.... XD
Pat - Manny - Kitten
love ya too ^^

How did you celebrate the first day of May? Let me know!