I always thought I have a black thumb...

...but it seems as its a bit green ^^

Hey sweeties - 
Last weekend I started smartening up our balcony. I went to a garden-center to buy some herbs and potting soil and some flower boxes... and I couldnt hold back when I discovered the variety of exotic herbs they had there... so I came home with a load of plants, seeds and things I need for becoming a complete gardener.
I spent my weekend with digging, seeding, watering and potting...
remember the tomato plant I got from a friend for birthday? It is growing day by day :)
new little yellow tomato seedlings :)
Kitchen window....
first herbs: pygmy curry, basil, bloodwort, pineapple sage, wild majoram, sage (and in the right corner: thyme)
First flowers - I love lavender!
the babies in their pots....
vietnamese cilantro (coriander)
The balcony-project is not finished by a long shot...we wanna buy some wooden tiles and rush mats... and we need a nice table.
My mum (she has indeed a green thumb!) wants to help me with this project and I am looking forward to get the perfect summerplace as soon as possible - and the we wanna have a little barbeque party there!

Do you have a garden or a balcony? What are your favourite flowers and plants? I am curious! Let me know!


  1. awww my god! it looks so cute! :3
    we have the same on our balcony ^^

    1. thanks so much my dear - i hope our balcony is ready before summer is here :) I am planning a bit tiki-style on it ;)

  2. Omg what a beauty, i just recently make a post of mine and i just saw yours and made me so happy you have so many!! Levant is also one of my favorite flowers and i wish i had more room in my balcony to fill it up with flowers herbs...

    1. thanks a lot sweety :) Yeah - levant is one of my favorite flowers - I made fresh lavender-sirup out of the first flowers for my lemon-lavender-cake - When my balcony is finished, I hope it will look like a little jungle :D

    2. You are so welcome my dear :D
      aw that so amazing to hear and you have so much herbs they will give you so many things to make out of them!!! Hah i hope that too! Its always a beautiful site to have so much green in your balcony and i hope to feel like you are in a forest ^^