I am a little Guerilla....

 ...and it's the fault of my pharmacist!

Yes - I don't tell any crap - My pharmacist get me hooked on it!
Weeks ago - I went to the pharmacy to buy some Chinosol-tablets - not for me! For potting-soil at home which turned mouldy. I told that to the pharamcist and he gave me this brown clayey-dry ball... What's this funny thing? Looks a bit like a forbidden drug... no! It's a flower bomb!
Flower Bombs - also known as Seed Balls or earth balls, consist of a variety of different flower seeds rolled within a ball of clay and you use them for seed bombing!
Seed bombing is a technique of introducing vegetation to land by throwing or dropping these seed balls. Often, seed bombing projects are done with arid or off-limits (for example, privately-owned) land - guerilla gardening!

The pharmacist told me, I can throw it anywhere in the city where green is needed (woah - "my" pharmacist - a little hippy ^^) - but I can also try this bomb at home - I choose the last opinion and now I am waiting until the first flowers shoot to the daylight on my balcony.

The next seed bomb - I promise - is for the puplic use! ;)

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