Kimchi Bambi Grey Lenses...

...a little review!
Hey sweeties-
it was a big wish to try grey lenses - so I ordered some at UNIQSO (click on the name for shop link). 
such a sweet packaging and a free lens case :)

Rosemary - most beautiful woman in town ^^

And I am totally happy - the Kimchi Bambi Grey Lenses are easy to wear and comfortable. They are three tones lenses and it gives your eyes a stunning three-d effect. The diameter is pretty large with 16.0 mm and gives your eyes a perfect big-eyed-doll-look. 
some facts:
Base Curve: 8.6
Diameter: 16.0mm
Lens Type:1 year.
You can get this lenses in different dioptres from 0,00 to 7,00 (perfect for Meeow the little mole :D)
Hope you liked this little review...

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