Nothing distracts me like painting and sketching...

...from my thoughts in the last weeks...

Hey sweeties - 
sorry that it was a bit quiet around me the last weeks, but I had a very sad episode in my life and I was too busy with coming in terms with this. Some of you might know what I mean - I've lost an important person in my life and I miss her deeply -
The only thing that helped me the last two weeks was painting, painting, painting... Our apartment looked like a pigpen but the only energy I had was for loosing myself in watercolor and sketching... it was like a little therapy....
...but now my tears have dried and I am feeling better day by day...and by the way I created a new tattoo for me...
the butterfly - first sketch...
the butterfly - work in progress...
the butterfly - finished....
Kali - first sketch...
Kali - work in progress....
my cat Leo - a little sketch by the way....
Queen of hearts - first sketch...

Succubus - first sketch..
and here is my next tattoo :) the octo-puss ;)
in aquarelle
Hope you liked my little exhibition :)


  1. Sehr schön Süße, sehr sehr schön! :-*

  2. O_O wundertoll!!! Und so bunt und so... du hast einen wunderschönen eigenen Stil, das gefällt mir sehr gut. :)

    1. aaaawwww - danke für die Komplimente <3 <3 <3

  3. :DDDD octo-puss!
    i like how you draw! *333*

  4. Ooh, such a nice work!
    The first one is my favorite of these, I luv the dress~
    Are you in deviantart by any chance? If you are, give me a nudge over at
    http://captainendless.deviantart.com/ so I can watch you there~

    1. Thanks so much :) nope, i dont have an account on deviantart - but i am planning it in the nearest future... If I create an account there I will give you a nudge over :)