Berlin... du bist so wunderbar... Berlin!

caution: heavy pic load ;)

Hey sweeties,
I am back from Berlin and it was a wonderful time - friends, fun, meeting new people, shopping, sightseeing, great food (this trip was very culinary :D), partying, rain, sun, clouds and so much impressions....
We arrived on Monday in the late evening and instead of having some rest we made a touch-and-go-landing and visited the Duncker Club for a goth night -
its a nice tiny club with good music and yummy beer - 
I will come back as soon as possible :) 
At 5 in the morning we decided to get something to eat somewhere at the Alexanderplatz... it was so quiet around this place - only a few people who went to work... it was a bit surreal...
yeeeeeehaaaawwww :D

Tuesday was a lazy day - after sleeping till afternoon we strolled around Friedrichshain with its nice pubs, bars, restaurants - its a coloured melting-pot and I love the flair of this quarter...
a cute toy store... with a mini piano and a retro robot...
lemonade-break ^^
 later we get a big and decadent dinner at an Indian restaurant ...
 and we met a friend of mine, who lives in Berlin.
After we filled our bellies we went to a goth-bar in Friedrichshain, Pech & Schwefel - its a cozy place with comfortable sofas all around - and we drank Fritz-lemonade *hmmmmm*
creepy giant spider in the corner of Pech&Schwefel
Wednesday was a rainy day - so we delayed our sightseeing plans on the next day... Before it started raining we went to the Hackesche Markt and Hackesche Höfe... 
best icetea ever!!!
...some street art around the quarter...
at the cat wash :D

...after that we strolled again around the rainy Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg and went shopping (I will show my haul at the next posting). 
hmmm... that reminds me of a sitcom... :D
 In the evening we had an Asian dinner at a tiny tiny restaurant with our host.
the peanut sauce was sooooo yummy!

On Thursday, the day of our departure, we made use of our time for sightseeing... so we went to Alexanderplatz again...
ooooh stupid tourists I....
...Checkpoint Charlie...
stupid tourists II...
... Bahnhof Friedrichstrasse...
Stupid tourists III
 ... had a Berliner Weisse at the riverside of the Spree 
typical speciality: Beer with sweet woodruff syrup.. om nom nom!
and went to the Alexa (shopping mall)...
always eating... I think I gained 10 kilos more after that trip... T____T
In the evening we drove home... and I arrived at 2 o'clock in the morning home... 
I was happy to see my kitties and my boy --- but I miss the big big city a bit now.... I hope I am back there as soon as possible!
Hope you like my little roadtrip-diary!


  1. Now all are some great photos!!!!
    Aw and what adorable your brain cameo is <3 also in love with your bag (the black fluffy adorable bag)

    1. thank you soooo much dear <3 , the brain cameo is from restyle.pl and my fluffy bag is a bargain from primark (5 €) :D

    2. your very much welcome :D oh yes and i was like, hmm i remember this, i saw it somewhere else :P but omg the bad for only 5 euros? its nothing!!

    3. Yes the brain is a brooch which you can also use as pendant :) I love it! The bag was in wintersale - and primark is always so cheap - love that store for the lots of bargains there :D

  2. ahh that Indian looked good!, food aside (sorry I'm hungry) your outfit looked lovely at the goth club night! the street art you pictured look amazing!

    1. thanks a lot dear :) I did my very best to look not too clabbery that club night, cause we had a 6-hour-car-ride behind us :D it was only grabbing a skirt and some tights and slipping quickly into it before getting to the club XD