Meeow gets mad about baking...

...and macarons drives her to insanity!!!!

Hey sweeties -
- just a little sign of life from Meeow - I had some very hard working weeks and even my glossybox- and box-of-beauty postings are gathering dust (shame on me - 2 boxes of beauty and 1 glossybox are waiting to get photographed and dissected... ) - I need some vacation time so badly, some time to take a deep breath - the coming week i have some free days - I am planning to visit Berlin with a good friend of mine - hope everything will go according to plan. Wish me the best! :)

In the meantime I tried to alleviate stress with baking - baking is like Yoga for me - I feel like calming down when I am stiring up dough and decorate cakes... but the last times I tried some experiments ... and a lot failed - but I won't give up!

* First step to insanity : Making marshmallow - fondant icing!
Never - neeeeeeevermoooore ever I will make fondant by myself - never!!! I wanted a special birthday gift for my beloved ex-neighbour - so I baked him my favourite Lemon-Lavender-Cake and wanted to decorate it with coloured fondant. He likes nerdy stuff, so I decided to make a Pacman-Cake.... and the frenzy took its course. I found this recipe at chefkoch.de and the user were totally happy about that recipe - its so easy, its not sticky bla bla bla... After I added 1 kg (!) icing sugar into 300 g melted marshmallows, I was trapped for almost 2 hours in a sticky, icky, tacky mixture and I kneaded like a lunatic... 
the result - a 3-pounds-marshmallow:
But then... colorize this big marshmallow - with liquid food coloring it seems impossible... the more I added, the more tackier the fondant got... so I decided to color the pieces one by one with a brush and color... after 3 hours the result was this Pacmancake:
 It was a hard work and I wasn't satisfied with the result - but my friend was happy about it :)

*Second step to insanity: MACARONS of doom!
Once in a while I saw these pretty delicous little baked goods in blogs, books and almost everywhere - and then I came across with a baking-book when I was strolling in "Butler's" - so I decided to buy it and try these sweeties at home... The first time I tried macarons with selfmade lemon-curd... but - almost all of them turned cracky... and although I coloured them yellow, they turned brown... 
 before baking they looked so gorgeous...
 but after baking: brown and cracky... but they tasted delicious - and I love the lemon-curd!!
hmmm okay - in the baking-book they say, that the first times baking macarons often are a fail - and don't give it up... okay...

*Third and last step to insanity: Macarons don't like nerds :D
...today I tried it again: I bought white grounded almonds instead of brown ones and I took more time to stir in the fine sugar into the eggwhite-batter... and: everything looked better than the first time... the batter was pretty tight and I let them dry over night so they can get a nice crispy shell... 
I added rainbow-nerds on some of them - cause I thought it would look gorgeous with the pink shell... 
But... in the oven the nerds began to melt... and lost liquid so the shells cracked... 
 the ones without nerd-sprinkles looked okay - and I let them in the oven for exactly 10 minutes but....
 the shells turned brown, the nerds black and it looked like the nerds ate their way through the macarons... O.o - they looked crispy but when I peeled the baking paper off, they were sticky...
 At the second load I minimized the temperature and let them bake for 8 minutes... but as you can see, the nerds turned the macarons into Swiss cheese :D
And thats how they should look... -.-'

My next plan: Buy a silicone mat for baking, maybe a special macaron mat - and yesterday I bought coloring-powder special for hydrophobic baking goods like my macarons :D
I will never give up!!! 

What about you? Did you ever tried baking macarons? Tell me your secrets ;)


  1. an macarons hab ich mich auch noch nie versucht :D sieht nach ner herausforderung aus, wenn man davon welche machen will :)

    1. hihi - ja allerdings - ich back ja auch viel und gerne und selten misslingt mir was... aber diese Mandelbaisers rauben mir noch den letzten Nerv... :D ich bin schon immer ganz neidisch, wenn ich die tollen Ergebnisse auf diversen Foodblogs sehe :D aber wie ich ja schon sagte: ich gebe nicht auf! ^^