Berlin Part II...

...or: the shopping haul :)

Hey sweeties,
as I promised in my last post I wanna show you today my haul of the Berlin-trip.
The most things I found in Friedrichshain - at Darkstore and Mystica - and I went to Tiki Heart in Kreuzberg - this shop is totally cute and awesome - and leaped my heart for joy ^^ 
sweet salt and pepper shakers from Darkstore
you can never have enough bags :D
Darkside shirt from Darkstore - I love this brand :)
Kreepsville 666 dress from Tiki Heart
some lucky cats for Pat :)
and a Star Wars shirt for Pat :)
some tiny pendants for my next earrings :)
a new keychain <3

 awesome scary and creepy pic...for our livingroom :)

never saw those dense lashes - a must have !!!
new creepy socks from Mystica :)
delicious cherry beer and some weird potatoe chips ^^
And here are the shop links:
Do you have some favourites? Have you ever been to those shops? Let me know!


  1. Aww! Them salt and pepper pots! And yes I love darkside too :) xx

    1. yes I saw them and wanted them... although we have a salt- and pepper-mill at home, I needed them - if only because for decoration :D

  2. Das nenn ich mal ne super Ausbeute!
    Der Salz und Pfeffer Streuer ist ja mal suuper toll:)

    Schön,dass Berlin ein so tolles Ereignis war für euch:)!

    1. jaaaaa es war wirklich ganz wundervoll - wenn alles gut geht, bin ich im August eventuell wieder in der großen Stadt :)
      Bei den Salz und Pfeffer Streuern konnte ich wirklich nicht nein sagen - auch, wenn Pat die Augen verdreht hat, weil wir eigentlich immer nur Gewürzmühlen benutzen... egal! Sieht hübsch aus auf dem Küchenregal :D

  3. love them alla but omg the "awesome scary and creepy pic" is adorable <3 very nice purchase

    1. yes - there were a few old-fashioned portraits in this store but the little (zombie)-girl was the best of all... Probably I will be back in Berlin in August and I hope they will have some more portraits in shop... Our red living room wall is so empty :D

  4. Antworten
    1. yeeeeees :) aren't they adorable? I can never have enough maneki nekos in my lving room ^^