POTW #12 - Galaxy nails!

... so easy to do ... and so impressive :)

Hey sweeties!
I promised you to show you my Galaxy-Nails - after I've shown you the Galaxy-Nails for the lazy ones, today it's time for the real galaxy look :)
 I did this look with the help of a simple make-up-sponge - the first layer is a deep black polish which is applied on the whole nails.

After the black coat has dried, you apply different colors with a make up sponge - apply some polish on the edge of a sponge and dab slightly "clouds" on your nails...layer by layer.

Finally you should give them a glittery finish with fine and big glitter topper. I prefer to wipe the glitter only a bit over the nails - too much glitter would destroy the gas-cloud-effect. ;)

The polishes I used for this look (in order of the layerings):
♥ a deep black (P2 Eternal)
♥ iridescent blue (LA Colors - Wired)
♥ silver-grey (essence Vampire's Love LE - The dawn is broken)
♥ iridescent magenta/fuchsia (P2 - stylish)
♥ fine glitter topper (essence nail art special effect topper - hello holo)
♥ big glitter topper (essence - shiny star)

And here is one of the best video-tutorials on Youtube for the galaxy nails ;)

Did you ever try this look? Tell me! And if not - you should! It's so easy and simple and looks so stunning! ;)



  1. Was für ein tolles Nagel Make-up. Wenn ich beim lackieren nicht so untalentiert wäre, hätte ich es wohl schon nachgemacht ^^

    (Aber dafür hab ich die Version für faule schon ausprobiert. Hat gut geklappt *g*)

    1. Ooooh danke :-*

      ach - für das Betupfen mit Nagellack braucht man wirklich kein Talent - das ist so easy und schnell gemacht - versuch Dich einfach mal daran ;) ich wette, das gibt sicher ein tolles Ergebnis! <3

  2. Das sieht soooooooo genial aus!!! EPISCH :D