Pagan Love Songs Party...

...look of the day!

Hey sweeties -
yesterday Pat and I went out for the last Pagan Love Songs Party at Club Pavillion (the club will close its doors forever in the next weeks) for meeting friends, drinking beer, dancing a bit and having a good time there.
For this occasion I decided to take out my new accessoires - in combination with a simple black dress - and it was one of these rare evenings, I wear my hair loose (except the little twist in front).
Most often I prefer to wear a ponytail or putting up the hair cause I hate it, when it is too warm under my loose hair ^^'
But when I began to style my hair last night - I decided that a simple and classy style for this evening would be perfect.
The new octopus hairclips from Sourpuss
spiked earrings from Gina Tricot
Eyeshadow + lipstick from Sleek
circle lenses - Kimchi Bambi Grey
fingerless gloves from Restyle.pl
octopus necklace - Sourpuss
dress - Monki
satin corset + ribcage belt - Restyle
leggings - New Yorker
plateau boots - Demonia
Today - the day after :D - I only waste my time with a bubblebath, a cupcake-facemask (Lush), lying on the couch, watching funny movies and drinking delicious chocolate-tea from Kusmi.
Hope you all have a great and lazy sunday too!


skulls, kraken, zombies and beetlejuice...

...or: Meeow's last shopocalypse!

Hey sweeties -
yesterday my sweety Pat took delivery of my Sourpuss-package, which was waiting at the customs authority for me. I hadn't the time to pick it up by myself, so he devoted himself for a happy Meeow ^^
Whohooo - I am so happy - I've ordered a skull-dress and some accessoires and the dress fits perfectly! :)
 i love my new big biiiiig octopus-pendant - its pretty solid and it was for sale at Sourpuss....
cause I never can have enough octopods, I've ordered these little cuties:
glittery octo hair clips
I love bandanas - so I've ordered a zombie-bandana in green and black ...hmmmm... braaaaains ....
and here is the skull-dress - sorry for that pic but I came directly out of the shower and was totally messed up ^^
and then.... last week I was for a little flying visit at New Yorker - and I've found something, I wanted for soooo long: a beetlejuice leggings! *gasp* 
Happy Meeow is happy ;)


I want donuts... no! I want muffins... wait! I want both!

...so what about muffnuts? or doffins? :)

Hey sweeties,
last weekend I created a little hybrid in my kitchen - the crossing of muffins and donuts.
Oh and by the way: In my region donuts are called "Berliner" and are a typical pastry on Carnival - thats funny, cause in Berlin they are called "Pfannkuchen" - and "Pfannkuchen" are the standard pancakes in my region... sometimes its dazzling in Germany :D
You need for 12 Muffnuts:
for the dough:
280 g flour
a little pinch of nutmeg
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
2 teaspoons baking soda
1/2 teaspoon natron
1 Egg
120 g sugar
80 ml neutral vegetable oil
300 g sour cream
for the filling:
12 Teaspoons of marmalade - I chooses strawberry-prosecco and raspberry-jam
for the topping:
120 g melted butter
50 g fine sugar
1 teaspoon cinnamon

preheat the oven at 180°C. Prepare the muffin-pan with papermolds.
Mix the dry ingredients for the dough together: flour, nutmeg, cinnamon, baking soda, natron and sugar in a bowl...
in a second bowl, mix the other things together: egg. sour cream, oil....
Mix the flour-mix into the egg-mix - but only blend it a bit - its totally okay if your dough has dry particles - that makes the finished muffnut more moist and not dry.
Fill the papermolds for a half....
put some marmalade in the center of them now....
 and cover it with the rest of the dough....
bake them for 20 minutes....
after that put them out of the pan when they are warm and brush them with the melted butter - then dip them in a mixture of sugar and cinnamon.... 
and now: om nom nom ;)

changes are sometimes good...

...said Meeow and created a new layout...

Hey sweeties!
I think its time to get my blog a bit more classy - so i decided to minimize the purple and add more black and white. I hope I will have the time to design an own header soon - think I need a bit help - but the layout draft is already finished ;)
Oh and doing a blog post without any pics is a no-go for me... so here is a cute cat: *lol*


the last summer days....

...and the last days of Meeow's lazy holiday...

Hey sweeties!
Please excuse me that I was such a lazy ass in my holidaytime - but it's a fact: when you have a great time, time always slips away so fast....The last week of my holiday was very hot and sunny - and I spent the most time with meeting friends, drinking too much alcohol (I am in love with "Hugo" - but I've got a deranged relationship to wodka since last week *urgh*) enjoying the hot weather and lying in the sun (yes - Meeow gained tan)
Before I will post some other things I did in my vacation I wanna share with you some of my last-summer-days-impressions - I tried out my "new" cam a bit more and I thought, spiderwebs are great objects for these photography-lessons ;)

Romeo's action-painting ;) wet kittypaws on the balcony...
sundowner on our balcony....

I love that pic... :)
enjoying the sun - with Hugo and Gaga-glasses :)
I've bought these sunglasses months ago - but I thought they are a bit too big for my face - but now I like them cause they are so flaky ^^ - and hey: the pink pool is reflecting in the shades *hihi*

The next days I have some little things to write about- I was a bit creative by decorating our home and I made delicious self-created donut-muffins... and I hope I can write soon about my little shopping-frenzy at sourpuss. But I am waiting since last Saturday for the notification of the *§$%&# (please replace signs for cusswords) German customs authority, where my pretty dress and some sweet other accessoires are waiting for me. Ooooooh sometimes a hate that kinda stuff of German bureaucracy - I spent so much money for first class-shipping and then at customs you get hosed... *sigh* but hope never dies ^^

Hope you are enjoying the last summer days!


Meeow transformed into an eggplant :D

...or: after years of black its time for color!

Hey sweeties!
As I've told you in my last post I did my long-felt want to dye my hair purple. So I met with my friend Kitten last Thursday and after hours of bleaching and hoping that my hair doesnt shed into floccis from my head - here is the result - dark tulip hair :)
ultimate porn pose :D
 I love that color - its Dark Tulip from Directions (buy it at Impact Mailorder ;) ) and it shimmers in different purple colors in my hair. The hairline is a bit too violet for my gusto - but its okay :)
I felt like 16 when I opened the first Directions-pot for my own hair since years of dying it black ^^
oh and I think, my favorite purple and violet eyeshadows better suits to my new hair ;)
its the silver grey, the pale white and the light and dark violet of the Sleek Acid palette and Kiko dark violet :)
Do you like it?



Meeow needs some changes...

...and enjoys her free days :)

Hey sweeties,
I have some time-off work the next two weeks and I decided to change some things in my free time...
today I went to one of my best friends for a piercing date. She is piercing-trainee and always needs some guinea pigs to get some practice. So I visited her today at Native Rituals in Hattingen *click here for more about the studio*.I decided to get a tragus-piercing and I often thought about it - and although I have 11 piercings, I was a bit afraid of a piercing right through my ear-cartilage. But all my fears are gone - she did a great job and it didn't hurt - and now I am a proud owner of a new piercing...
The blue mark is just a ledger line for piercer - it will wash off....
The next thing I wanna change is my hair color... I am fed up with my black hair - I dyed it since I was 19 and I miss the violet hair I had when I was 17... So I bought some hair color which promised to lighten also black colored hair and at the same time it colors the hair purple... but only my hairline was purple after one hour leaving in the color....
sighhhhh - purple hairline... -.-'
tomorrow I have a girls-evening with my good friend and we wanna try bleaching my hair and color it in Direction Dark Tulip - I think its a remarkable color but also office-suitable - I am curious ;)
Then I am planning the next thing: I need new ink as soon as possible - First I wanna get my "Octopussy" (I've shown you in an older posting **click here ;)**) on my right leg and if there is money left, I wanna complete my higgledy-piggledy comic-landscape on my back and my upper arms.
the right side: my flying skulls - the splatterling - kitty paws and cherry blossoms....
the left side - more cherry blossoms and my little demon-kitty

oh - and besides changing Meeow I am continueing arranging our home - today I bought a wonderful mirror for only 12 Euros (at Xenos **click here for more information**) for our guest-bathroom and the perfect curtains in black and anthracite for our living room. 
The first three days of my holidays passed by so fast ...but I think the next days will give me a lot of new "food" for my blog ;) you can be curious about the coming days ;)


Liebster Blog Award :)

Hey sweeties...
whohoooo I am tagged by the sweet Laura of color spirit attitude for the Liebster Blog Award ... thank you soooo much sweety! :-* that's my second blog award and I am feeling so proud of it :)

The Rules:
I. Post 11 facts about yourself.
II. Answer the questions the tagger has set for you.
III. Create 11 questions for the people you've tagged to answer.
IV. Tag 11 people.

I. 11 random things about myself:
1. I am a typical aries - I am stubbornly, obstinately, emotionally and impulsive.

2. Sometimes, I can be a little crybaby... -.-'

3. Even if I need to do phonecalls the whole day at office, I hate making a telephone call in my free time - and if I don't know the number who is calling me, I dont answer the phone.  

4. I like to eat Ferrero Rocher in the following order: first nibble off the chocolate cover, second: divding the biscuit inside to lick out the chocolate cream inside, third: eating the hazelnut inside, fourth: eating the biscuit ^^

5. I have always painted nails - I feel naked without nail polish

6. I never go outside without doing my eyebrows - even if I just get outside to take out the garbage ^^'

7. I have a totally phobia of maggots and little black bugs - but I like spiders, very big bugs (like hissing cockroaches or hercules beetles) and other creepy creatures. 

8. I have a lot of shoes in my closet I only worn for fitting and now they all waiting for their big appearance.

9. I've learned some languages (besides my mothertongue German) - English, French, Spanish and Russian - but I only can speak English fluent...

10. I have the silly habit to talk with my hands (looks a little bit like jack sparrow doing sign language ^^)

11. I am the mistress of procrastinating!

II. Tagger's questions: 
1. If you were to choose a different hairstyle, what kind of look would you choose?
I would choose a bright color like purple or pink and a pin-up-hairstyle with betty bangs - but at my job its difficult to look too "punky" - But I am planning dying my hair in my holidays in dark tulip from directions ;)

2. What are 3 objects closest to you at this moment?
my cat Romeo (nooo he is no object but he is close to me), a big bottle of volvic and a big box of "Dickmann's" (its a german chocolate covered whipped cream marshmallow - and I hate that stuff *urgh*)

3. Which would be that indispensable product you could not live without?
Coffee!!! :D

4. What is a trend that you completely dislike?
I dont like those duckfeet-nails - they are looking like shovels on the fingers - sooooo ugly!

5. Who is your favourite celebrity and why?
Johnny Depp - he is an awesome actor and so versatile - and he is really good looking ;)

6. How would you describe your ideal guy?
Best friend, a mixture of a man with a peter pan syndrome, humoristic and honest

7. Favourite Quote?
"Rose tints my world keeps me safe from my trouble and pain" (Rocky Horror Show)

8. Top 3 beauty sins (bad habits)?
- sometimes i don't remove my make up before going to bed
- if I am in a hurry, I often paint over my old nailpolish on my nails - thats only damage control ...
- even if my hair needs a haircut and has splitted ends, I hate to go to the hairdresser

9. What country would you most like to visit and why?
I want to visit the USA to visit some of my friends there... make a big road trip from coast to coast ;)

10. What is your biggest dream?
emigrate with my love... maybe to Canada....

11. Which is the color you like using mostly in your make-up?
i think its violet - i love purple colors :)

III. My questions:
1. do your familymembers nickname you? What nickname they use?
2. do you have a strange habit? what is it?
3. do you have a habit that is annoying your fellow human beings? tell me :)
4. what was your first cuddly toy and what was its name?
5. Time for bed - what are you wearing?
6. what is your favourite piece of clothing in your closet?
7. tell me how looks a perfect holiday for you!
8. when you was a child - what were your future plans?
9. If you could be a character from a book or a movie - whom you would choose?
10. whats your favourite movie?
11. do you have any beauty tricks? what are they?

IV. Tags:
I am tagging (sorry if you already got this award ;) - and I am only tagging 8 bloggers this time - anyone who likes to answer my questions and isnt tagged is welcome :) )
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