Meeow transformed into an eggplant :D

...or: after years of black its time for color!

Hey sweeties!
As I've told you in my last post I did my long-felt want to dye my hair purple. So I met with my friend Kitten last Thursday and after hours of bleaching and hoping that my hair doesnt shed into floccis from my head - here is the result - dark tulip hair :)
ultimate porn pose :D
 I love that color - its Dark Tulip from Directions (buy it at Impact Mailorder ;) ) and it shimmers in different purple colors in my hair. The hairline is a bit too violet for my gusto - but its okay :)
I felt like 16 when I opened the first Directions-pot for my own hair since years of dying it black ^^
oh and I think, my favorite purple and violet eyeshadows better suits to my new hair ;)
its the silver grey, the pale white and the light and dark violet of the Sleek Acid palette and Kiko dark violet :)
Do you like it?



  1. Lovely haircolour, and I would so like to see a closeup of your cat-tattoo :D maybe I can find one here on your blog!

    1. thank you so much :) oh I think there are some photos where you can see my Demonkitty - but no closeup - hmmm... time for me to take some pics of my ink for this blog ^^