skulls, kraken, zombies and beetlejuice...

...or: Meeow's last shopocalypse!

Hey sweeties -
yesterday my sweety Pat took delivery of my Sourpuss-package, which was waiting at the customs authority for me. I hadn't the time to pick it up by myself, so he devoted himself for a happy Meeow ^^
Whohooo - I am so happy - I've ordered a skull-dress and some accessoires and the dress fits perfectly! :)
 i love my new big biiiiig octopus-pendant - its pretty solid and it was for sale at Sourpuss....
cause I never can have enough octopods, I've ordered these little cuties:
glittery octo hair clips
I love bandanas - so I've ordered a zombie-bandana in green and black ...hmmmm... braaaaains ....
and here is the skull-dress - sorry for that pic but I came directly out of the shower and was totally messed up ^^
and then.... last week I was for a little flying visit at New Yorker - and I've found something, I wanted for soooo long: a beetlejuice leggings! *gasp* 
Happy Meeow is happy ;)