the last summer days....

...and the last days of Meeow's lazy holiday...

Hey sweeties!
Please excuse me that I was such a lazy ass in my holidaytime - but it's a fact: when you have a great time, time always slips away so fast....The last week of my holiday was very hot and sunny - and I spent the most time with meeting friends, drinking too much alcohol (I am in love with "Hugo" - but I've got a deranged relationship to wodka since last week *urgh*) enjoying the hot weather and lying in the sun (yes - Meeow gained tan)
Before I will post some other things I did in my vacation I wanna share with you some of my last-summer-days-impressions - I tried out my "new" cam a bit more and I thought, spiderwebs are great objects for these photography-lessons ;)

Romeo's action-painting ;) wet kittypaws on the balcony...
sundowner on our balcony....

I love that pic... :)
enjoying the sun - with Hugo and Gaga-glasses :)
I've bought these sunglasses months ago - but I thought they are a bit too big for my face - but now I like them cause they are so flaky ^^ - and hey: the pink pool is reflecting in the shades *hihi*

The next days I have some little things to write about- I was a bit creative by decorating our home and I made delicious self-created donut-muffins... and I hope I can write soon about my little shopping-frenzy at sourpuss. But I am waiting since last Saturday for the notification of the *§$%&# (please replace signs for cusswords) German customs authority, where my pretty dress and some sweet other accessoires are waiting for me. Ooooooh sometimes a hate that kinda stuff of German bureaucracy - I spent so much money for first class-shipping and then at customs you get hosed... *sigh* but hope never dies ^^

Hope you are enjoying the last summer days!

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