[Outfit of the day] Sunny Sunday...

...time for cruisin' with my new baby :)
Hey sweeties,
today was a great golden autumn day, the sun was shining, the leaves started turning gold and red and Meeow had ants in her pants ^^
As you know I have a new car since last week and the weather was pretty grey and rainy the last days - so I didn't had any chance to drive my "Mia" open-top. Although I prefer my Sundays with PJ-pants on my cozy couch, I had a drive for a drive through the nearby "Sauerland"... and it was a perfect day for ironing the serpentines there...
 wearing my beloved Beetlejuice leggings+bandana (New Yorker), skirt + blazer + shirt (H&M), skullscarf (Primark), black patend kittycatcombatboots (TUK), legwarmers (weekly market Venlo) and leopard-sunglasses (a swap at "Schwarzer Markt")
ready to cruise with "Mia" :)
lipgloss: essence "the twilight saga - eclipse" - limited edition No. 01 "lunch at Cullen's" (and no no no - i just like that lipglosscolor - I am NOT a twilight-fan *creeps*)
wheeeeeee :D
so - how did you spend your Sunday?


Mail from Finland...

...or: an intercultural blogger-makeup-swap ^^

Hey sweeties!
Last week I received a letter from the gorgeous and kind Karoliina from Bones and Lilies - we decided that I send her some goodies from Germany and she sends me some nice makeup-stuff from her homecountry. (I hope my little box will arrive in Finland soon :) ) 
And I was so happy about the nice things she bought for me...
two gorgeous eyeshadows from we care icon and a Lumene lipgloss...
 the left eyeshadow is 17 true antique mauve, the right one 07 perfect syren
the lipgloss is 8 icy lavender
the beautiful shades on my arm.. they look a bit pale in this pic (bad bad flashlight) but they are high pigmented - the light lavender "perfect syren" is very well covering. "true antique mauve" is a dark greyish mauve - both eyeshadows are matte and the texture is silky and they feel great on the skin... perfect for blending!
 the lipgloss is full of fine sparkling glitter and it gives a very natural look with a bit of glam ;) ***sparklesparkle***
love these little goodies! 
Thank you again, dear Karoliina :-*
Wish you all a great weekend! 


Catrice - Hollywood's Fabulous 40's Limited Edition

...taking some Hollywood home ...
Hey sweeties,
last week I stopped by my favorite drugstore and I laid my eyes on the new limited edition of Catrice - The Hollywood's Fabulous 40's - a hommage to the godesses of the old hollywood movies. And I totally fell in love with the Absolute Eye Colour Quattro in "Hollywood Boulevard" ...
It's a perfect everyday-eyeshadow-combination...
I really like the light rosé and the aubergine-brown in the upper row...
the eyeshadows on my arm - the light rosé seems to be very pale but with a good primer it's really nice, the texture is silky and the upper row has a little glow, the under row is matte. Though the matte violet is a bit unevenly - it's hard to make smokey eyes with that violet - but the other dark shades are perfect for blending...
my simple every-day-office make-up :)
Wish you all a great start into the weekend :-*


Douglas Box of Beauty September 2012

...just a little review...
Hey sweeties,
a bit late but here is the Box of Beauty this month. I was a bit late with composing my box for this month, even though the mail reminded me - I was too late for getting the best goodies. Hmmm but I was appeased when I saw that the original-sized products were NYX-goodies - and I really looooove NYX...
the other things I've choosed...
Weleda Citrus lotion - I really love the scent of lemon but this one smells like "Klosterfrau Melissengeist" - urgh... and Eau Oceane by Biotherm - didn't try it and will test it during the next week...
I choosed the Venus sea salt scrub cause I had one package in a previous box and I loved it... it smells like rosemary and after covering your body in sea salt it feels so sparkling and tingling on the skin when washing it off... and the skin is so soft after using it. 
The other product is an All-In-One mascara from Art Deco. Nice size for travelling... 
And here are my favourites:
The NYX glitter cream palette "sweet chocolate browns" and a NYX Jumbo eye pencil in 601 - black bean.
hmmmm... sparkle sparkle...
the sweet chocolate browns on my arm... under artificial light....
and in daylight... I really love that glitterstuff - the gold one with the iridescent green and white and rosé particles is my favorite... 
big black eye pencil on my hand... its very smooth and you can blend it out perfectly - I think its a great helper for smokey eyes :)
So my résumé: I have to get up early to get some better samples in my Box of Beauty... But this time NYX made my day...


Liebster Award II

Hey sweeties :)
The cute and beautiful Mademoiselle A. tagged me for my second Liebster Award - thank you sooo much, everytime I get an award I am so happy about it and I feel so honored!
The rules of this award are:
Post 11 facts about yourself
Answer the questions the tagger has set for you
Create 11 questions for the people you have tagged to answer
tag 11 people
Because it's my second Liebster Award, I will reduce it this time with answering the questions Mademoiselle A. asked me - you can read about the 11 facts about myself in this post *click* ;) and because I had tagged 11 people with my first Liebster Award I wanna apologize that I don't tag anyone this time.
so here is the Q&A:

1. Do you care about the lyrics of the songs you are listening to or not? How much are they important for you?
It depends on a song - I like some songs for their melody but there are some bands I am always caring for their lyrics - especially those of Placebo and Deine Lakaien... I also like songs I don't understand (there is a turkish goth band for example - I like their music but I don't care about their lyrics ^^) - but if a song gets more complex, I often search for its lyrics...
2. Does music have an important part in your live?
Oh yes, I need music like water and air.
3. Is there a city, a special place where you would like to live and have you in mind to move there in the future?
Indeed - I am planning to move away from Germany in some years - and go to Canada :)
4.  Which time of the life is the greatest for you? (childhood, teenage, adult?)
I think the best time is now, my early 30s - I don't have that teenage-stress anymore, I am in the middle of my life and I feel stable and solid, I have a good job, a loving man, a great home - and I can do what I want whenever I want :)
5. Do you prefer to stay at home or to go out as much as possible?
I enjoy those weekends where I can stay in my pyjamas and playing the couch-potato and I also enjoy long partynights :) i think the mixture of both is the best :)
6. Do you like to read and what kind of books? Is there one you really enjoy most than other ones?
I prefer reading non-fictional books - it's really rare that I am reading any fictional things - but I adore books about art, artists, history and architecture! If I am reading novels I prefer fantasy... 
7. Do you prefer to buy your clothes on shops like New Look or H&M, to go to vintage shop and find unique stuff to wear or to buy your clothes on line?
Never been at New Look (is there a shop in Germany?) but I often buy things at H&M, Primark, New Yorker or Gina Tricot - and combine it with other clothes, vintage, designer stuff and self-sewn ;)
8. What band or musician was your first concert?
Haha - it was HIM... I fell in love with Ville Vallo when I was 17 ^^
9. Do you prefer to buy "real" cd's, books or dvds or are you totally open to the concept of buying music, movies or books by downloading them on line?
I prefer buying DVDs and books - I cannot put up with those e-book-stuff - its prettier to have your shelves full with old and dusty books ;) 
10. Do you enjoy tea?
oh yes - I love tea - actually I fell in love with Kusmi-tea, I've bought on my Paris-trip 
11. Do you like video games? What kind?
I am loosing interest fast when I am playing videogames - sometimes I like those role-playing stuff but after playing it a while, it annoys me :D
so if you wanna answer the questions of my first Liebster Award , feel free :)


Jeffrey brings down my passions...

or: Meeow on shoe-cloud-nine ♥
(not only figuratively :D)

Hey sweeties,
my last week was hard, exhausting and I had some moments I felt very tiny and weak... but then on Thursday a big package arrived me and I felt like a little child on christmas morning ^^ 
As you know I've bought a new car but lucky I am my budget allowed me to buy some new shoes for my "Mia" (winter-tires ^^) and some new shoes for Meeow 
I was longing for soooooo long for these shoes - now they are mine ♥ First I planned to buy some fake Litas - but with size 40 you hardly have a chance to get some for those big feet... its nearly impossible (or the sellers of those fake-Litas don't ship to Germany)
 I was a bit afraid of the heel height and the plateau but I've read so much about the comfort of Jeffrey Campbell's Litas - and it's true - they are very comfy and I think my feet would endure a long partynight in these shoes :)
I cannot wait to wear them with an adequate outfit
(now available in height 188 cm ;) )


My heart is beating with the help of melted steel and coal...

...or: Ruhrpott, watt habbich dich gern!
Hey sweeties,
yesterday I was on a one-day-trip with my office and we went to one of the most impressive places in the Ruhr Region - Zeche Zollverein (colliery Zollverein). An old colliery in the deepest heart of the Ruhr Area in Essen. Zollverein was closed in the middle of the 1980s and those coalmines are a typical note of the place where I live and where I was born.
Today Zollverein is an industrial monument and is part of the World Cultural Heritage of the UNESCO. It's more than rusty steel, abandoned machine-halls and wide wasteground - you can explore the whole wide area of the colliery and it's amazing inside and outside.
 For me, it's a bit of proud heritage, ancestry and background... my greatgrandpa, my grandpa, my dad - everyone worked in a coalmine in this area - as we say "haben im Pütt malocht" - and my Dad is really an old hand ruhr-valley resident. His heart also beats with the help of melted steel and coal - just like mine.
an acrylic version of the whole coalmine-area with animated screens...
Oh and I did my first Geocaching-Run there - it was so much fun - and guess who was the winner with her group? ;) I think I need a GPS soon - I tasted blood yesterday *hihi*
After geocaching we had dinner in the coalmine-restaurant and everything was soooo yummy ...
I had warm apfelstrudel (soooooo gooood) - but the warm waffles of my office-mate looked more spectacular :D
Right after we had a little rest, we had a little tour at the colliery and it was very interesting... 
The orange light is a symbol for the melted steel ... The Ruhr Area is significant for coal, coke and steel-industry....
and we had an awesome view at the top of the cokery - a panoramic view over the whole ruhr-area...
as you can see - Our region isn't steel and concrete at all - it's pretty green around... :)
It was a great day with a lot of fun :)
...on that note:
Glück auf! ;)



...it's getting colder outside so I need more bubblebaths!

Hey sweeties,
when I was searching for my old car-documents last week, I found something I nearly forgot: a gift certificate for Lush I got from a dear friend on my last birthday. 
But how can I forget a LUSH-VOUCHER? Oh - I remember: Our local Lush-store opened its doors last August and when I got this certificate it was April and I planned to wait until the store in Dortmund will open ... and besides this: I am old and obliviously *lol*
I only spent 8 Euros for my haul there... and thats what I found:
a lots of nice goodies...
the only "new" thing for me was a little bottle of "9 to 5" face cleanser...
 I tried it and I like the creamy smell - its made with orchid-oil and its a very rich cream - it removes normal eye makeup quite good but it fails with my semi-permanent eyeliner and my waterproof mascara...
a little bottle of "it's raining men"-showergel
 In the summertime I prefer showergel and soaps with fresh-lemon-scent - but when the leaves turn red and golden, I love the warm honey-scent of this showergel. I fell in love with "Honey I washed the kids"-soap when I stepped in a Lush-store for the first time - so its also a neverending lovestory between me and this showergel!
hmmmm... butterball-ballistic
 sometimes I need this little chocolate-vanilla-buttery-bubbly wonder for a relaxing evening in the bathtub... and my skin feels so soft after bathing...
my absolutely all-time-favourite: "the comforter"
 I love this bubblebar - it smells like grandmas redcurrant-cream-pie and this scent reminds me of my childhood and I always feel totally pampered in a huge amount of scented foam ... hmmmmm....
and sometimes a bit more "Karma" is better:
hmmmm... relaxing bubble bath with hippie-scent: patchouly meets orange - its a scent that you will like - or you hate it - there's nothing in between... I am one of its lovers :)
so - are you also one of those lush-a-holics?


cheaply Halloween?

or: Tedi is sometimes a little treasure chest...

Hey sweeties
from time to time I sneak a peak at the local Tedi-store for  getting my hands on some bargains there...
For all non-German-readers: Tedi is a chain of discount stores here in Germany.
Sad to say that the Halloween-boom isn't so big in Germany - so the Halloween-stuff is very rare to find - but this time I found some stuff for alltogether 5,50 € *yay*
some evil window stickers (rats and bloody bones - really cheesy so nothing really special :D), nails stickers and a sparkling spider necklace....
love these nail stickers... the little coffins are glowing in the dark and the rats and the witches are glittering (bad flashlight kills all glitter) - can't wait to try them on my nails...
and this baby for only 1,50 €
 love it - it is covered with black rhinestones and its sparkling so nice - happy about this bargain ^^
so - do you also take a sneakpeak on discounter-stores? Or do you avoid those junk shops?


autumn time is pumpkin time...

...or: Meeow is cooking the first pumpkin cream soup of the year!

Hey sweeties :-*
As I told you in my last post I made this year's first pumpkin soup last weekend.
I really love this recipe - I've found it in a magazine years ago and modified it a lot - and this soup is one big hit in my circle of friends - so I decided to reveal the secret of this soup for those people, who cannot indulge this soup since I moved out of the city... and of course for all my lovely readers
so - here we go - first thing you need: 
a huge sharp knife *arrrrrr* 
when you are forearmed for the pumpkin-massacre - you need following ingredients:
♥ 1 hokkaido-pumpkin
♥ a bundle of carrots
♥ 3 onions
♥ 1 thumb-sized piece of fresh ginger
♥ 3 cloves of garlic
♥ 3 tbs of oil or margarine
♥ honey / agave-syrup
♥ brown sugar
♥ fresh or deep-frozen parsile
♥ 1,5 l vegetable soup stock
♥ 500 ml soy-cream
♥ cinnamon, chili-powder, pepper, salt
so here we go:
First cut the pumpkin into pieces - remove the seeds - you don't need to remove the skin from Hokkaido pumpkins - the skin is eatable and it will be soft until its cooked....
 also cut the carrots into big chunks....
 chop the onions, the garlic and the ginger....
 melt the margarine / heat the oil in a big boiler and stew the onions, the garlic and the ginger in it until the onions get translucent...
add the pumpkin and carrot chunks...
add some brown sugar and let it caramelize...
then its time for the soup stock and the soy cream...
let it stir for 30 minutes on little flame ... when the pumpkin chunks are soft, put everything in a blender or mash it with a immersion blender...
season it with parsley, agave syrup (or honey), chilipowder (cayenne pepper is also great), a little whiff of cinnamon, salt and pepper...
and then....
om nom nom!
Best autumn-soup ever ;)
Hope you liked my little recipe...