autumn time is pumpkin time...

...or: Meeow is cooking the first pumpkin cream soup of the year!

Hey sweeties :-*
As I told you in my last post I made this year's first pumpkin soup last weekend.
I really love this recipe - I've found it in a magazine years ago and modified it a lot - and this soup is one big hit in my circle of friends - so I decided to reveal the secret of this soup for those people, who cannot indulge this soup since I moved out of the city... and of course for all my lovely readers
so - here we go - first thing you need: 
a huge sharp knife *arrrrrr* 
when you are forearmed for the pumpkin-massacre - you need following ingredients:
♥ 1 hokkaido-pumpkin
♥ a bundle of carrots
♥ 3 onions
♥ 1 thumb-sized piece of fresh ginger
♥ 3 cloves of garlic
♥ 3 tbs of oil or margarine
♥ honey / agave-syrup
♥ brown sugar
♥ fresh or deep-frozen parsile
♥ 1,5 l vegetable soup stock
♥ 500 ml soy-cream
♥ cinnamon, chili-powder, pepper, salt
so here we go:
First cut the pumpkin into pieces - remove the seeds - you don't need to remove the skin from Hokkaido pumpkins - the skin is eatable and it will be soft until its cooked....
 also cut the carrots into big chunks....
 chop the onions, the garlic and the ginger....
 melt the margarine / heat the oil in a big boiler and stew the onions, the garlic and the ginger in it until the onions get translucent...
add the pumpkin and carrot chunks...
add some brown sugar and let it caramelize...
then its time for the soup stock and the soy cream...
let it stir for 30 minutes on little flame ... when the pumpkin chunks are soft, put everything in a blender or mash it with a immersion blender...
season it with parsley, agave syrup (or honey), chilipowder (cayenne pepper is also great), a little whiff of cinnamon, salt and pepper...
and then....
om nom nom!
Best autumn-soup ever ;)
Hope you liked my little recipe...


  1. That looks and sounds so yummy, even though I don't like onions! I've never seen a Hokkaido pumpkin before, are they sold all year round in your supermarkets or are they just sold around Autumn/Halloween? We don't get pumpkins in our supermarkets until October which sucks but this year I'm planning on making a glorious pumpkin pie! :D ~♥~

    1. you can also skip the onions if you don't like it but when its mashed you don't have a big onion-flavor in this soup ;)
      in Germany, the only sell Hokkaido-pumpkins in the Autumn-time... they are looking like tiny brothers of the big halloween-pumpkins but taste more sweeter and tastier - and you don't need to peel of the skin before cooking ;) I've never tried pumpkin-pie but it's on my to-do-list this autumn <3

  2. Nun habe ich Hunger... [Wow, sieht das gut aus!]

    1. ooooh danke :) vielleicht solltest du dir auch etwas Kürbissuppe gönnen? :) <3