DM is a big curse to my purse ...

...the last hauls... ^^

Hey sweeties,
last week I was in DM for two times - yes, I am a little drugstore-junkie - i know - but even if I tried to buy only needful things like cleanser, smoked tofu (the hazelnut-almond-tofu is so yummy) and shampoo I stopped by the displays of essence, P2 and catrice... it's a curse - and besides I am a DM-junkie, I am also a nailpolish-addicted... ^^'
Aaaaand: essence got a new Limited Edition: the cherry blossom girl LE....
 I bought these awesome paper lashes, nail polish in "02 my little kimono" and black eyeliner pencil....
the paperlashes are an absolute highlight of this LE - I cant wait to wear them :) I bought two packages - one is for my planned 100-readers-giveaway :)
the 2-in-1 eyeliner pen in "01-big in Japan" was love at the second sight. I tried it on my upper arm and was disappointed that the lines seem to disperse on my skin... but I tried it with a eyeshadow base and I fell in love - the black is brilliant and the brushes are so easy to handle. Another great thing is that the liner is semi-permanent. Even after demaking up, the lines stayed on my eyelids - they were lighter but I think its a big pro for long-lasting nights ;)
and then my nail-polish-frenzy:
bling bling for Meeow - essence nail art cracking top coat in "06 - crack me! pearly pink" and essence nail art special effect topper "13 - mrs and mr glitter"
crack me! pearly pink is more a deep and vibrant magenta than a pink - the glitter is very fine and dense - didn't tried it yet but I am curious about the "3D-effect" on my nails...
mrs and mr glitter is a clear polish with big glitter flakes in blue, golden green and black - it looks like mermaid-scales - very beautiful - especially on black nailpolish.
the catrice haul...
from left to the right:
810 - ACid DC
910 - Oh my Goldness
600 - After Eight
905 - Steel my Soul

ACid DC is a bright yellowgreen with an iridescent glow
Oh my Goldness is more copper than gold with a great metallic shimmer
After Eight is just like the package of the famous chocolate-mint-delicacies - a deep dark green with a metallic duochrome touch
Steel my Soul is one of the new "brushed metal effect"-polishes - its a light grey-violet with a lot of tiny iridescent flimmer glimmer bits in gold and green - I cannot spot the brushed metal effect but it looks fantastic
and here are the polishes on my nails... from top to bottom: ACidDC, After Eight, Oh my Goldness, Steel my Soul and the cherry blossom LE of essence "my little kimono" :)
I am looking for some neutral eyeshadows at the moment - especially for my job (I really love my bright eyeshadows - but they are mostly too bright for office ^^)
 so I tried out P2 matte dream eyeshadow in 070 - grey pleasure ... oh and I bought a new concealer ;)
 the eyeshadow is a matte taupe-grey color which covers perfectly with the help of an eyeshadow base....
 oh and by the way - this is the cherry blossom girl eyeliner :)
love that grey :)
soooo - can you withstand the temptation in a good sorted drugstore? ;)


  1. Oh god! I neeeeed Oh My Goldness and After Eight! Such beautiful shimmering colours, but I don't think there is anywhere in England that sell Catrice cosmetics :( BOOOO!

    Those lashes are definitely quite different! They would look great in the spring! ~♥~

    1. aaaawwww - if you need something special from Germany let me know - I think there a some things from England I am missing here in Germany as well ^^ and my next trip to UK is soooo far away - next year in autumn... *sigh* ;)

  2. I can't wait to see you with those lashes on! I've seen them in stores but am too chicken to try them out. ;)

    1. I am waiting for this special moment to wear those lashes... ;) oh and I think they also look pretty on you ;)

  3. Magenta-Crackling? Will auch! So was Feines ist bei uns noch nicht eingezogen [Menno!]
    After Eight ist auch einer meiner Lieblingslacke :)

    1. jaaaa - After Eight ist wirklich toll - ich werde es demnächst mal in Kombination mit Gold tragen :) stelle mir das sehr hübsch vor...
      ist sicher nur eine Frage der Zeit, bis das Magenta-Crackling auch bei Dir einzieht ;) habe es bislang noch nicht geschafft, es auszuprobieren - vielleicht mal kommendes WE :)

  4. Hey..danke fürs Folgen <3
    hat mich sehr gefreut^^

    Dir wollte ich sagen, dass mich deine Zeichenkünste sehr beeindrucken...sind wirklich toll und du bist eine wunderhübsche. ich mag deinen Style wirklich sehr *_* Bist du Veganerin?

    1. aaaaaawwwww - ich habe für diese vielen Komplimente zu danken <3 :-* Da fühlt man sich an einem Montagmorgen gleich viel besser ;) *froi*

      Ich bin kein Veganer, stelle aber derzeit meine Ernährung um und versuche, so gut es geht, tierfrei zu essen ^^ leider bin ich nicht immer ganz konsequent und ab und an gibts auch mal omnivore Dinge auf dem Speiseplan - aber ich hoffe, das werde ich irgendwann auch mal hin bekommen - die Abstände meiner "Ausrutscher" werden auf jeden Fall immer größer *grins*. :D Ist bloß nicht so einfach, wenn man sich mit einer fleischfressenden Pflanze eine Wohnung teilt :D ;)

      Übrigens: ich finde Deinen Blog auch ganz zauberhaft...so liebevoll gestaltet <3 ganz toll! <3