Douglas Box of Beauty September 2012

...just a little review...
Hey sweeties,
a bit late but here is the Box of Beauty this month. I was a bit late with composing my box for this month, even though the mail reminded me - I was too late for getting the best goodies. Hmmm but I was appeased when I saw that the original-sized products were NYX-goodies - and I really looooove NYX...
the other things I've choosed...
Weleda Citrus lotion - I really love the scent of lemon but this one smells like "Klosterfrau Melissengeist" - urgh... and Eau Oceane by Biotherm - didn't try it and will test it during the next week...
I choosed the Venus sea salt scrub cause I had one package in a previous box and I loved it... it smells like rosemary and after covering your body in sea salt it feels so sparkling and tingling on the skin when washing it off... and the skin is so soft after using it. 
The other product is an All-In-One mascara from Art Deco. Nice size for travelling... 
And here are my favourites:
The NYX glitter cream palette "sweet chocolate browns" and a NYX Jumbo eye pencil in 601 - black bean.
hmmmm... sparkle sparkle...
the sweet chocolate browns on my arm... under artificial light....
and in daylight... I really love that glitterstuff - the gold one with the iridescent green and white and rosé particles is my favorite... 
big black eye pencil on my hand... its very smooth and you can blend it out perfectly - I think its a great helper for smokey eyes :)
So my résumé: I have to get up early to get some better samples in my Box of Beauty... But this time NYX made my day...


  1. I've been wanting to try that NYX jumbo pencils for a while, what do you think of them?
    That pallete from NYX looks so pretty too , I must confess , i am a sucker for glitter.

    1. oooooh I am very satisfied of the quality of the Jumbo Pencil - and I will try it when I will test my Halloween Make up ... also the Glitter will get on the test bench when I will rehearse my planned Halloween-Make-up. I think the Glitter is really easy to handle cause its gel-based and a bit like cream-eyeshadow - so better and easier to handle ;)

  2. Oh wow you got some really great things in that beauty box! NYX cosmetics are really good but we can only really find their stuff online or in shops like TK Maxx in England. I have about 5 different NYX jumbo pencils and 'Black Bean' and 'Milk' are absolutely brilliant bases for eyeshadow! ~♥~

    1. oh yes I read about it that the Jumbo Pencils are great eyeshadow bases - and I think with the help of Black Bean my black eyeshadow will look darker than ever before... I will test it soon :) and: oh yes... I need "Milk" immediately . think I have to check our local "Douglas" soon :) <3 <3 <3