...it's getting colder outside so I need more bubblebaths!

Hey sweeties,
when I was searching for my old car-documents last week, I found something I nearly forgot: a gift certificate for Lush I got from a dear friend on my last birthday. 
But how can I forget a LUSH-VOUCHER? Oh - I remember: Our local Lush-store opened its doors last August and when I got this certificate it was April and I planned to wait until the store in Dortmund will open ... and besides this: I am old and obliviously *lol*
I only spent 8 Euros for my haul there... and thats what I found:
a lots of nice goodies...
the only "new" thing for me was a little bottle of "9 to 5" face cleanser...
 I tried it and I like the creamy smell - its made with orchid-oil and its a very rich cream - it removes normal eye makeup quite good but it fails with my semi-permanent eyeliner and my waterproof mascara...
a little bottle of "it's raining men"-showergel
 In the summertime I prefer showergel and soaps with fresh-lemon-scent - but when the leaves turn red and golden, I love the warm honey-scent of this showergel. I fell in love with "Honey I washed the kids"-soap when I stepped in a Lush-store for the first time - so its also a neverending lovestory between me and this showergel!
hmmmm... butterball-ballistic
 sometimes I need this little chocolate-vanilla-buttery-bubbly wonder for a relaxing evening in the bathtub... and my skin feels so soft after bathing...
my absolutely all-time-favourite: "the comforter"
 I love this bubblebar - it smells like grandmas redcurrant-cream-pie and this scent reminds me of my childhood and I always feel totally pampered in a huge amount of scented foam ... hmmmmm....
and sometimes a bit more "Karma" is better:
hmmmm... relaxing bubble bath with hippie-scent: patchouly meets orange - its a scent that you will like - or you hate it - there's nothing in between... I am one of its lovers :)
so - are you also one of those lush-a-holics?


  1. Mmmm... I don´t think we have Lust here in Spain. It sounds similar to The Body Shop, am I right?
    What about the quality of their products? Are they expensive? Info, please! :)

    1. oh there is a lush online shop for spanish customers - I think there are also some shops in Spain :) look here: http://www.lush.es/
      Lush is a bit like Body shop but it is even... better :D they only sell fresh handmade cosmetic and I like the concept of Lush a lot. They sell solid bubblebaths and solid shampoo to avoid unnecessary packaging - and everything is from a natural source. :) The quality is very high but I think the prices are reasonable but not high... you should browse a bit through lush.es to get more answers ;) it's worth it ;)

  2. Lush is an awesome brand, I always wanna shop the entire store xD

    1. haha same here - even if I wanna buy only a new piece of coal-face - I cannot ignore the bubblebaths and the new products :D