Mail from Finland...

...or: an intercultural blogger-makeup-swap ^^

Hey sweeties!
Last week I received a letter from the gorgeous and kind Karoliina from Bones and Lilies - we decided that I send her some goodies from Germany and she sends me some nice makeup-stuff from her homecountry. (I hope my little box will arrive in Finland soon :) ) 
And I was so happy about the nice things she bought for me...
two gorgeous eyeshadows from we care icon and a Lumene lipgloss...
 the left eyeshadow is 17 true antique mauve, the right one 07 perfect syren
the lipgloss is 8 icy lavender
the beautiful shades on my arm.. they look a bit pale in this pic (bad bad flashlight) but they are high pigmented - the light lavender "perfect syren" is very well covering. "true antique mauve" is a dark greyish mauve - both eyeshadows are matte and the texture is silky and they feel great on the skin... perfect for blending!
 the lipgloss is full of fine sparkling glitter and it gives a very natural look with a bit of glam ;) ***sparklesparkle***
love these little goodies! 
Thank you again, dear Karoliina :-*
Wish you all a great weekend! 


  1. Antworten
    1. thank you :) i like it too - it looks so glamurous <3 ^^

  2. Antworten
    1. thank you again, sweetie - i really love every single piece :) <3

  3. That makeup exchange is a good idea! The colours are very pretty too. :)

    1. yes I think I should make those swaps more often - it makes me happy doing a favour for somebody :)