Meeow??? Meeooooowwww!!!

...or: how my old Kittycatcombatboots made "new" friends!

Hey sweeties,
last week I made a bargain at a goth second hand forum... new shiny black patent Kittyboots from T.U.K. ... They were worn only for one time and they are like new ones....
 and look - my old ones have new friends now... *meow*
Last Sunday I met my in-laws for coffee and it was the first chance to wear my new skull-dress...
The last days were very chaotic - My beloved car broke down last Saturday and isn't reparable ... I have to search for a new car now - wish me luck! 
And by the way I am getting a cold - this is another turn of the screw. Hopefully my in-laws lent me their Smart for the time I have to search for a new vehicle. Hope I am getting my dream car as soon as possible. Keep your fingers crossed for me ;)



  1. Die sehen ja schnuckelig aus, gut, dass sie nicht allein sind =^.^=
    Und das Kleid ist ja allerliebst!

    1. Sie allein zu halten wäre ja auch nicht artgerecht ;-) dankefein! :-*