Zeit für den Suppenkasper in mir...

...or: yummy vegan vegetable noodle hot pot :)

hey sweeties...
time for another yummy recipe I created last week - I started getting a flu and so I thought about giving me an extra kick of vitamines ^^ - so I did a quick and healthy pottage with white beans, celery, carrots, leak and vegan weenies. Even Pat loved that soup and picked out the weenies to demolish them all on his own ^^

here we go - you need following things (it's enough for 4 hungry ghouls):
a big can of white beans (ein großes Glas weisse Bohnen)
a bundle celery (ein Bündel Staudensellerie)
a bundle spring onions (ein Bund Frühlingszwiebeln)
2 cloves of garlic (2 Knoblauchzehen)
6-8 carrots (6-8 Möhrchen)
2 l vegetable stock (2 Liter Gemüsebrühe)
250 g whole wheat noodles (250 g Vollkornnudeln)
pepper (Pfeffer)
salt (Salz)
olive oil (Olivenöl)
1 package frozen parsley (1 Packung TK-Petersilie)
1 package vegan sausages / vegan weenies (1 Packung Würstchen - z. B. vegane Miniwiener)

first step: chop chop chop....
cut the spring onions, the celery, the garlic, the carrots into small pieces...
second step: roast them a while...
put the garlic, the celery and the carrots into hot olive oil and stir them for some minutes...
add the spring onions and the white beans at last... and fill everything up with the soup stock.. let it boil for 10 minutes...

third step: noodles are always a good idea...
add the whole wheat noodles...
let it stir on little flame for 10 more minutes...

step four: hmmmm... weenies:
cut the weenies into slices and add them to the soup - warm it up...
 season it with salt, a lot of fresh grounded black pepper and parsley:
step five:
om nom nom ;)
hope you liked my little recipe!
Wish you all a great sunny sunday :-*


  1. Oaaah, jetzt hab ich Hunger! <3

    Wenn ich doch nur Motivation zum Kochen hätte...

    1. heute habe ich auch keine Motivation :D dabei wollte ich eigentlich nen Red Velvet Cake backen - aber zuuuuu faul ^^

  2. Wow, really yummy recipee. I think I' ll definitely give it a chance. I am very susceptible to colds, so this kind of vitamin injections are essential for me :-)

    By the way, I am running a give away in my blog. Feel free to check it :-)

    1. thank you so much :) yes - vitamines are always the best for the fragile ones like us :D and: hot water with fresh ginger ;) always the best when a flu is trying to beat you ;)

      oooooh such pretty things on your give-away - I will give it a try ;)

  3. Antworten
    1. thank you so much :) yes it was very tasty - even my carnivorous plant a.k.a. Pat loved that dish :)