[Face of the day] Lost sounds time...

...and again and again violet and green!  
Hey sweeties!
Last friday was Lost Sounds-time...
I know I've been a bit boring with my eyemakeup the last times *lol* I always use my violet and my green eyeshadows - haha - but I am looking forward for some new colors for my "small" eyeshadow-collection - I am waiting yearningly for my orders of the LE from sugarpill - the @#$%! eyeshadow *click here* and the limecrime Alchemy duochrome eyeshadow palette *take a look* - hope the shipment will be fast... so curious of trying them soon!
So - here is my look of last Friday:
 I used following products:
NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils in Milk and Black Bean
Sugarpill eyeshadow - Midori
Sleek palette - Curacao
Sleek palette - Acid
essence - gel eyeliner Midnight in Paris
P2 eyecatcher 2 in 1 mascara + eyeliner - 030 bamboo garden
Sleek True Colour lipstick - amethyst
Lime Crime carousel gloss - Kaleidoscope
okay okay I promise - my next face of the day will be something without purple and green ;) (damn I really love those colors!)
wish you all a great start into a new week!


Time for autumnal nom!

or: yummy pumpkin-leek-quiche (vegetarian)
Hey sweeties!
My parents gave me so much pumpkins so I was in diffculties of good pumpkin recipes... 
Mister Sugarpurr likes pumpkins too
but I've found something yummy - a quiche - and I love quiches. The best of this recipe is, that you can modify it as you like - use the cheese you got in your fridge - mix it with different sorts of cheese if you like. Perfect making use of leftovers.
so you need for this quiche:
1 small hokkaido pumpkin (300-400 g)
1 leek
200 g flour
150 g soft butter
4 eggs
200 g (or more) grated cheese (for example Emmentaler, Gouda, blue cheese, mozarella, Cheddar etc)
150 ml (soy) cream
2 tbsp sugar beet syrup (or brown sugar)
parsley (deep frozen)
curry powder
paprika powder
step 1: preparing the pastry:
add 1 egg, the flour a bit of the cheese (1/4) , a dash of salt, nutmeg, pepper and paprika powder in a bowl and knead it to a shortcrust.
wrap it in clingfilm and put it in the fridge for 30 minutes...
step 2: the veggies...
cut the pumpkin into little dices and the leek into rings...
 blanch them for 2 minutes in boiling salted water...
and drain it...
step 3: the filling...
mix the 3 eggs, the cream, the sugar beet syrup in a bowl
I added a slice of blue cheese, fine cubed, into the mixture - it's not necessary but if you like it cheesy, you can add in this step every cheese you like....
season the mixture with curry powder, salt, pepper, parsley...
step 4: put everything together ....
roll the pastry between two sheets of clingfilm until it has the perfect size for a tarte-pan....
put it in a tarte-pan and perforate it a bit with a fork...
fill in the vegetables....
and the egg-mixture and sprinkle it with the rest of the cheese...
put it in the oven for 175°C and 45 minutes... and then...
enjoy it!!! Om nom nom nom!!!
Hope you like my little recipe!


Freitagsfüller [German only]

Hallo Süßies,
jetzt habe ich mich auch mal dazu hinreissen lassen, bei einem der Freitagsfüller auf scrap-impulse mitzumachen - ich finde die Idee wirklich ganz putzig  und daher - naja, füllen wir mal den Freitag ;)
1. Auch du je, was ziehe ich nur heute Abend zur Lost Sounds an??? *waaaah*
2. Wenn man früh heim kommt, sollte man definitiv den Fernseher aus lassen - das Nachmittagsprogramm ist unter jeglichem Niveau.
3. Nebeneinkünfte würde ich gerne haben, z. B. als Dekorationsobjekt zum Mieten. Doof rumstehen und dabei einigermaßen gut aussehen kann ich ja scheinbar ganz hervorragend. :D
4.  Das ganze Wochende offen fahren ist vielleicht doch möglich.
5. Aufpassen, dass der dicke Kater nicht noch nen dolleren Schnupfen bekommt, als er eh schon hat - das arme Kerlchen.
6. Für Papa habe ich schon was - ich brauche aber noch zig weitere Weihnachtsgeschenke.
7. Was das Wochenende angeht, heute Abend freue ich mich auf Lost Sounds im Bahnhof Langendreer , morgen habe ich Mädelsabend mit Kürbissuppenschlemmerei geplant und Sonntag möchte ich einfach nur ganz lange schlafen, gammeln und mich nicht von der Couch bewegen!
...und was geht bei Euch so am Wochenende? 



...or: the awesome adventures of Mister Sugarpurr...
Hey sweeties,
the last days I felt the urge to draw a lot... and everytime I sketched a bit, jumped up Mister Sugarpurr - 
 maybe it's the fact that Halloween is near, maybe it's because I have a new sketchblock and new pens to check out, maybe it's because I like him... it makes so much fun to draw him...
and by this time he's got a... hmmm.. let me say it's a "girlfriend" - hmmm maybe she is just one of those crazed fangirls, but I think she really fell in love with him... although he seems not to be happy about this situation... 
 But I am in a mess with creating a name for her... she is the image of my cat Luna - but I don't wanna steal the name of another fictional cat (Luna from Sailormoon, hihi.
- so I need your help: any good ideas for a name for Mr Sugarpurr's little girlfriend? Let me know about your suggestions, I am curious!
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I am the maker of music, the dreamer of dreams!

 ... a little view inside a very warmhearted work!
Hey sweeties!
Last weekend I met my beloved sister-in-law and she really is a big bookworm - and she raved of the works of Roald Dahl - especially "Charlie and the chocolate factory". Even though it's a book especially for children, it's also for grown-ups... I watched the Burton movie but the book is also so warmhearted and it's great - you will love it! 
 I use to take postcards with me as bookmarks - and this one is such a sweet gift of one of my best friends - he said he was mindful of me when he saw this postcard - so cute - Tom and Jerry in real life :D
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I cannot resist when they got crosses and bats at the mall...

...the last hauls :)
Hey sweeties,
I should rather spend my money in some other things or save it... but the newest things for autumn/winter are in stores and I couldn't resist - besides this I needed some new pants and warm jumpers...
the best jumper (H&M) since long... soooooo damn soft and cuddly and I love the batty
grey pants with cross-print from Primark*yay*
and purple ones - since my hair turned violet I cannot get enough of purple things ^^
 best shirt - it's glowing in the dark, bones, skulls - I love the men-corner of Primark ^^
 leopard-net-stockings, a lot of flowers for my Halloween-outfit and gel-soles for my high heels
and it's autumn time - so Tee Gschwender has it's great yummy baked-apple-tea in stock:
 sooooo delicious!

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Send me a box full of beauty - October 2012

...or: hmmmmm... I am in a scented heaven!
Hey sweeties,
last friday was Douglas Box of Beauty time at Meeow mansion - this time I was quicker than with my last box of beauty - I choosed my goodies at 6 o'clock in the morning so I had free choice of the whole assortment.
And thats what I got:
Soap & Glory - the daily smooth body butter (Original size 250 ml/8.4 Fl Oz)
HerCut - Long Cuts smoothing shampoo (30 ml)
Giorgio Armani - Eyes to Kill Mascara
Benefit - Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Makeup (5 ml)
Burt's Bees - Almond Milk Beeswax Hand Cream (7 g)
I really love the products of soap & glory - this body butter is so rich with cocoabutter and wild roses oil and makes my dry skin really smooth - and it smells so wonderful: bergamot, cassis, magnolia, freesia, vanilla and musk - so delicious. It's the same scent as soap&glory's body-mist "Mist you madly" thumbsup! I am happy ^^
 I haven't tried it yet, but I am curious about the shampoo of HerCut - I liked the ponytail-cream of HerCut so let's see if this shampoo is as good as the last product. It's a plus for me that it is sulfate-free and color safe. Since I have my purple/aubergine dyed hair, I need color-saving shampoos so badly.
 aaaaahh... benefit - also one of my favourite brands - I was doubtful that the color doesn't fit to my skin - but it's the perfect tone. And it feels great on my skin - too sad, that the products are so expensive in Germany - but I will do a big benefit-haul when I am in England next year (I also need my bad gal lash then!) I like that this sample comes as a little dispenser!
Mascaras in travel-size are always perfect for me - I like those samples cause I am always searching for the perfect mascara - Didn't try this one - but I will do the coming days!
 oooooh and now here is my secret winner of this Box of Beauty - the best-scented handlotion ever! I it smells like marzipan! I die for marzipan! And this lotion is so rich so I think I will get along a long time with this sample - and it's in such a pretty little glass-tin - hmmmm... really really big love!
so - summarizing I can say this one was one of the best Boxes of Beauty ever - okay, the September-box was also a highlight with it's NYX-products - but the samples weren't so great as in October!
would you buy one of these products?

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let's celebrate 100+ readers...

...and make a giveaway!
Hey sweeties!
As I pre-announced, I want to celebrate with you reaching the 100+ readers-mark last week - I am soooo happy and overwhelmed - meanwhile my blog gained 15 readers more - wow!
Mister Sugarpurr is happy like me...
I am so glad about every single reader and every single comment - it gives me incentive to go on with my little blog I just started this year... so I wanna share with you my gladness about that fact.
So here is my little giveaway for you:
the package contains:
a selfmade glitterbat-hairclip (the lucky winner can choose a glittercolor)
essence cherry blossom girl paper lashes
restyle.pl skeletonhand-earrings
claire's eyeglitter palette
BeYu lipgloss
Vanilla lipbalm
Balea - cocoa bath additive
2 sheets of Halloween nailstickers with cats, tombstones, withches and coffins
what do you need to do to get one or more tickets for this contest?
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Good luck to you!


May I introduce to you...

...Mister Sugarpurr!

Hey sweeties...
...just a short post today cause I am a busy busy bee this week cause tomorrow it's Pat's birthday...
but I wanna show you a new member of my blog ...
Mister Sugarpurr 
he will be a permanent feature of my blog - soon, as I hope. I am planning to get a digitizer tablet to include Mister Sugarpurr in the header of this blog and also in some blogpostings of me  - one day :)
As you can see on this pic, Mister Sugarpurr spared no effort to hint at my new account on the kik-messenger - so feel free to kik me there :)
Hope you had a nice Tuesday!


Sunday was short...

...cause Meeow worked hard last night!
Hey sweeties,
a short Sunday... a short post today.
But I have to drum up business for "our" little goth party we re-launched since last month in a new location in Bochum - Pat himself entertains the guests with a mix of darkwave, ebm, electro and other dark music. And I care for the creature comforts at the bar with cocktails, beer and a smile for every guest ;)
 the party is every 1st Saturday in the month - for further informations visit the facebook profile :)
so I woke up at 2 pm today - what a short day after a long night - and didn't get out of my pyjama today... now Pat is cooking for me and I am enjoying the evening with screwball-comedies on tv :)
here is the look of last night - I was in a mood for colorful eyeshadow yesterday :) (from my beloved sleek curacao palette :) )
hope you had a great weekend too - and ... maybe we meet one day at the Dark Saturday?


[Look of the day] Party on a Tuesday evening...

...and some batwinged eyes...

Hey sweeties,
yesterday Pat and I were at a party at a tiny club near Cologne and met some friends, listened and danced to the great music and had some drinks. For all non-Germans who are reading my blog: today its a Holiday here in Germany ;)
I tried out my new eyeliner, wore my new spiked Litas and my newest tights-haul from Primark...
I thought about getting a little twist in my eyemakeup, so I painted some batwings ... inspired by a Lady, I saw on makeupbee.com.
I will post a tutorial soon to show you how to draw those little batwings easily ;)
 ombre-lips with barry m. amethyst lipstick in the center and the great lumene-lipgloss I got from Karoliina
after my last bow-tights were shreddered by our washingmachine, I bought these tights at Primark - really love them.
It was the first time to go out with my new Litas
today, after a cozy bubblebath and a fresh facemask, I am couching and enjoying some baked-apple-tea and watching documentaries... Yay! A free day in the middle of the week is awesome!
So, dear German readers - how do you spend your free Wednesday? 


September Instagram instants...

Hey sweeties...
another month has lapsed... and it's time for a little photographic review of the last 30 days...
double rainbow over Dortmund :)
Luna and her new beloved toy - a wubba kong 
Luna had breakfast in bed - good mornomnomnom ^^ 
souvenir from Zeche Zollverein - Ruhrpott Ducky and me having some quality time in the bathtub...
 goodies for my nerves... 
 yummy salad with homegrown tomatos
 passion fruit lemonade... sooooooo gooooood!
 seminaries are sometimes a bit boring... 
one of the casual Saturday outfits... stripes, skulls, kittycats ^^
sleepy Mr. von Plüsch is sleepy
Autumn-time - tea-time :)

 some nail-designs of the passed month (the zebra-stickers look great, but they were sooo awful and felt so horrible on my nails O.o)

 meow ^^

so what about your September?