I cannot resist when they got crosses and bats at the mall...

...the last hauls :)
Hey sweeties,
I should rather spend my money in some other things or save it... but the newest things for autumn/winter are in stores and I couldn't resist - besides this I needed some new pants and warm jumpers...
the best jumper (H&M) since long... soooooo damn soft and cuddly and I love the batty
grey pants with cross-print from Primark*yay*
and purple ones - since my hair turned violet I cannot get enough of purple things ^^
 best shirt - it's glowing in the dark, bones, skulls - I love the men-corner of Primark ^^
 leopard-net-stockings, a lot of flowers for my Halloween-outfit and gel-soles for my high heels
and it's autumn time - so Tee Gschwender has it's great yummy baked-apple-tea in stock:
 sooooo delicious!

and besides all I wanna remind you again: Don't miss my giveaway, which runs til Novemver 11th *click here to join the contest* ;)


  1. Haha! I love this bat sweater from the first sight :D I'm doing my best not to buy it. Sounds strange? Even though it's amazing and I adore the idea I know I wouldn't wear it.... SO bad :D

  2. I have seen that bat jumper from H&M floating around instagram a lot and It's sooooo damn cute!!! The print on those grey jeans are awesome but my favourite has to be the t-shirt! Amazing finds! I wish there was more of this stuff in Europe around Hallowe'en! ~♥~