May I introduce to you...

...Mister Sugarpurr!

Hey sweeties...
...just a short post today cause I am a busy busy bee this week cause tomorrow it's Pat's birthday...
but I wanna show you a new member of my blog ...
Mister Sugarpurr 
he will be a permanent feature of my blog - soon, as I hope. I am planning to get a digitizer tablet to include Mister Sugarpurr in the header of this blog and also in some blogpostings of me  - one day :)
As you can see on this pic, Mister Sugarpurr spared no effort to hint at my new account on the kik-messenger - so feel free to kik me there :)
Hope you had a nice Tuesday!


  1. A graphic tablet! I am dying to see all your future works with it. I am sure they will be very interesting :-)

    1. oooooh thank you so much :) I hope I will get a tablet not later than Christmas ^^ I have a commissioned graphic work to do and this is a good opportunity to buy a graphic tablet for my upcoming works :)

  2. Antworten
    1. aaaaawww thanks :-* Mr. Sugarpurr is always chuffed about those compliments ^^

  3. Oh My fiance has one and he says he can't live without it. Since I do more simple graphical stuff, I haven't used it yet. Mr Sugarpurr is so cute!

    1. thanks so much honey :-* a good friend of mine also has one and she is happy about it... I think it would be a great help for my artworks :) curious to try it out soon :)