Sunday was short...

...cause Meeow worked hard last night!
Hey sweeties,
a short Sunday... a short post today.
But I have to drum up business for "our" little goth party we re-launched since last month in a new location in Bochum - Pat himself entertains the guests with a mix of darkwave, ebm, electro and other dark music. And I care for the creature comforts at the bar with cocktails, beer and a smile for every guest ;)
 the party is every 1st Saturday in the month - for further informations visit the facebook profile :)
so I woke up at 2 pm today - what a short day after a long night - and didn't get out of my pyjama today... now Pat is cooking for me and I am enjoying the evening with screwball-comedies on tv :)
here is the look of last night - I was in a mood for colorful eyeshadow yesterday :) (from my beloved sleek curacao palette :) )
hope you had a great weekend too - and ... maybe we meet one day at the Dark Saturday?


  1. Happy pyjama Sunday! Sunday's are best spent lounging about in comfortable clothes in my opinion, although today I have been painting in the living room which isn't so relaxing when you've been doing it for hours!

    Love your colourful smokey eye! ~♥~

    1. oooooh I know what you mean... We painted our whole apartement last autumn - 2 floors, 6 rooms and sooooo much work. I am curious about your living room - which color did you choose?

      and thank you soooo much for the compliment, sweetie ♥

  2. That winged crossbones necklace is gorgeous, and I love the smokey eye. Is that purple and teal? I feel like it is, but I can't see it clearly. Just curious. -laugh-

    1. the necklace is from restyle.pl (yes, i am a restyle-junkie :D) - yes, its purple, violet and teal and I forgot to make a closeup on Saturday, cause I was a bit in a hurry (work was calling ^^) - I often wear bright eyeshadow - I will do a closeup when I wear this style again <3 ;)

  3. Although not all sundays are "sundays" for me, this one was just like that, a lazy sunday, waking up at the afternoon, siting around doing nothing and unfortunatly getting by too soon.
    I love that high eyebrows on you, so as the smile itself, suits you amazing ( and i do crave a lot that amazing necklasse with the bird skull from resytle. )
    I wish i lived on Germany for a while now, either germany or other north country of europe, but mostly germany, not only because the work that i do it's quite well paid there, but because of the weather, places to visit and off course the underground life we can find everywhere, and by that i mean the festivals , the stores, the places to go, everything, maybe someday i do gain the guts to move myself there and pay you a visit but for now i have to just wish you the most of the funs on your dark saturdays :P

    1. aaaawwww sweetie - thank you so much for the compliments - makes me get blushed again and again ^^
      You are right with the dark scene in Germany - but it gets less year by year - i live in the ruhr area and here are so many cities nearby and some years ago I had the choice of going to more than 3 parties on one Saturday. But a lot of clubs closed meanwhile - so sad... And I hate the German weather - I would like to have more summer in the ruhr-area... if you want better weather you had to move to Bavaria ;)
      Maybe you can spend some holidays in Germany before moving ... and maybe then you take part on one of those legendary Dark Saturdays ;)