Time for autumnal nom!

or: yummy pumpkin-leek-quiche (vegetarian)
Hey sweeties!
My parents gave me so much pumpkins so I was in diffculties of good pumpkin recipes... 
Mister Sugarpurr likes pumpkins too
but I've found something yummy - a quiche - and I love quiches. The best of this recipe is, that you can modify it as you like - use the cheese you got in your fridge - mix it with different sorts of cheese if you like. Perfect making use of leftovers.
so you need for this quiche:
1 small hokkaido pumpkin (300-400 g)
1 leek
200 g flour
150 g soft butter
4 eggs
200 g (or more) grated cheese (for example Emmentaler, Gouda, blue cheese, mozarella, Cheddar etc)
150 ml (soy) cream
2 tbsp sugar beet syrup (or brown sugar)
parsley (deep frozen)
curry powder
paprika powder
step 1: preparing the pastry:
add 1 egg, the flour a bit of the cheese (1/4) , a dash of salt, nutmeg, pepper and paprika powder in a bowl and knead it to a shortcrust.
wrap it in clingfilm and put it in the fridge for 30 minutes...
step 2: the veggies...
cut the pumpkin into little dices and the leek into rings...
 blanch them for 2 minutes in boiling salted water...
and drain it...
step 3: the filling...
mix the 3 eggs, the cream, the sugar beet syrup in a bowl
I added a slice of blue cheese, fine cubed, into the mixture - it's not necessary but if you like it cheesy, you can add in this step every cheese you like....
season the mixture with curry powder, salt, pepper, parsley...
step 4: put everything together ....
roll the pastry between two sheets of clingfilm until it has the perfect size for a tarte-pan....
put it in a tarte-pan and perforate it a bit with a fork...
fill in the vegetables....
and the egg-mixture and sprinkle it with the rest of the cheese...
put it in the oven for 175°C and 45 minutes... and then...
enjoy it!!! Om nom nom nom!!!
Hope you like my little recipe!


  1. Jetzt hab ich riiiiichtig Hunger o.o
    Freu mich schon auf heute Abend <3

  2. It looks delicious, and since we had a very abundant pumpkin harvest this year, I am definitely printing your recipe out to try! Thanks for sharing it!! :o)

    1. oh thats great :) tell me if you made my quiche :)

  3. Achja, omnomnom. :)
    btw: I love Mr.Sugarpurr! ^_^

    1. hihi danke <3 - ich werde es ihm ausrichten <3

  4. I'm really getting quite fond of our dear Mr. Sugarpurr. He's such a cute cat. :>

    1. aaaaaw thank you so much - I am so happy that Mister Sugarpurr got so much fans in such a short time - he is also very happy about that :) :-*

  5. Ok, dear, now I am salivating! Hahahah... I think I´ll give it a try this week, I always thank to bloggers who help me to plan my meal schedule, as long as I don´t have too much time to think about it myself. So thank you very much! :-)

    1. hihi you're welcome <3 - tell me about how you liked the quiche :)

  6. oooh, my pumpkin I grew this summer is almost ripe and I cannot wait to make this!!

    1. oh thats great - hope you will tell me about your cooking-experience :) <3