Sugarpill's @#$%! - eyeshadow

 ...red and black and glitter for Meeow!
Hey sweeties,
when sugarpill puplished their @#$%! - eyeshadow for just 3 days (October 19th - 21st) I didn't mind my credit lines and orderd it, cause before that it was only available at IMATS L.A: - and after 3 weeks of waiting, my kitty-package arrived in Germany:
 hmmmm - a package full of goodies - a sample of loose eyeshadow and a sticker as an extra *yay*
I adore that cute packagings of Sugarpill!
 First I thought that @#$%! is a bit like Love+ , but its lighter and is packed full with silver glitter...
The eyeshadow swatched on my hand without any primer and dry applied:
 you can see - its glittery and its really well covering (just like every eyeshadow of Sugarpill) - love that glittery red!
 The sample was the loose Stella eyeshadow - I really love it - it's deep black with rainbow glitter - so great - I think one day I will order this eyeshadow!
Do you like  @#$%! ? ( I really love that name - but how do I spell it? :D)


Send me a box full of beauty...

... the November 2012 - box!
Hey sweeties!
This time I was pretty early by picking out my favorite samples for the November Douglas Box of Beauty - and these are my pickings:
1. Lady Gaga - Fame showergel - Original Size 200 ml (6.7 FL.OZ)
It's black, it's Gaga and it smells wonderful and heavy - I really like that smell - even though I am not a fan shower gels and bodylotions of perfume brands, cause the most of them are high perfumed and dry out my skin. But I give that shower gel a chance - hey - it's black and it's Gaga ;)
2. smashbox - Photo finish oil free foundation primer
After my first sample of smashbox (a too dark bb cream) was a blank, I hope this time I can try this sample as soon as possible. I love good primers, they are like canvas for the skin and this one is oil-free and is silky, lightweight blend of vitamins A & E, grape seed extract and green tea. I am curious!
3. Lavera - Long Lash Mascara 9ml (0,3 FL.OZ) 
Bio organic and for sensitive eyes - and in original size! (Price is 18,55 € at Lavera.com) -  This glamorous-lash, chemical-free,100% natural formula is designed with an innovative brush to lengthen and separate, coating each lash from root to tip with a blend of organic oils and waxes for a silky, full look. If my current mascara is empty, I will use this one!
4. FrolleinWunder - Lemongrass Shower Cream (100 ml)
I choosed this sample cause I love cute designs - and I love the smell of lemongrass.
This shower gel is very creamy, moisturizes my skin and it smells so fruity and creamy like fresh lemongrass.Singing in the shower is allowed. 
5. anatomicals - look, you've got chocolate all over your face - anti-stress face mask (15 ml)
"you're not longer 4 years old, sticking your head in the cake mixing bowl, but somehow your face is still covered in chocolate. No need to ask why!"
This cocoa face mask makes the skin calm, relaxing and radiant. It is full of dead sea salt combined with cocoa and shea butter - it helps feeling the skin destressed and renewed.
I really love chocolate face masks! Yum!
Would you buy some of that thingies?


a gift from a cute blogger friend...

...or: hey, you've got pumpkins on your ears!
Hey sweeties!
I am so incurably - I was such a busy bee the last weeks and I made so much pics for new blog-posts and when I had a free day, I spent it with gym or lying lazy on my couch...
But now I planned some blogposts, announced the next days - so be curious!
First blogpost after a little break is dedicated to the sweet and lovely Twinkler from Twinkler's Treasures , I participated on a giveaway raffle she did some weeks ago but I hadn't luck - so after some days I received a mail from her, if I would like to have a pair of the earrings she also made for the giveaway, cause I told her in a comment, that I really love the little pumpkins - even though Halloween is over...
So she made me a really cute gift - wrapped in a creepy-cute tablecloth, cause she thought, I would like it - and yes - I love it!
I am so happy about my new little pumpkin friends ...
...and it makes so happy that I have so lovely blogger-mates - really, Twinkler, I am so proud and feel so honoured about that gift - I wear them so often since they arrived - so cuties! Thank you so much again!
And - if you are a bit make up addicted like me - you really should visit her awesome blog! My favourites are her nailpolish reviews! Cast an eye at her! *click here*
Wish you all a great Sunday!


And the winner is...

Hey sweeties -
now it's time for the draw of my giveaway-raffle. *read more here*
First of all I have to thank you all for your participation - and for those great comments, the flood of tweets and inspirations you gave me! I am totally stunned about the fact, that CATastrophes and CATacombs is 11 months old and I reach the 100+ readers so fast - a big big big THANKEE to you all! I love you all!
Cause I am not into rafflecopter - I choose the old-fashioned way of raffleling ;) 
and the winner is:
Congratulations, sweety - I hope you will enjoy my little package!
An email is right on its way to you ;)
So - I think I will do my next giveaway when I will reach 200 readers - so be curious!
Thanks again to all participants!


I disassociate myself from sparkling vampires...

...but the Twilight LE is awesome! 
Hey sweeties -
as you know, DM is always a big curse to my purse - but when I layed my eyes on the new Limited Edition of essence, I couldn't resist.
So here it is- 
the essence Twilight Breaking Dawn Limited Edition - Part 2 -
I must confess, that I am not into that sparkling vampires and teenage romance stuff - but this collection is - as the first Twlight LE from essence - fabulous!
so these are my hauls...
4 nailpolishes
2 lipglosses
1 lipstick and
3 loose pigments
The polishes...
from left to right:
03 - A PIECE OF FOREVER - a shimmering liquid bright yellow gold
02 - ALICE HAD A VISION - AGAIN - a dark purple with magenta and iridescent silver-blue glitter
04 - EDWARD'S LOVE - black with silver grey sparkling glitter
01 - JACOB'S PROTECTION - dark blue with turquoise and violet iridescent glitter
Jacob's protection - a piece of forever - Alice had a vision - again - Edward's love
I did two layers of polish and its perfect covering
The glosses...
01 - ALICE HAD A VISION - AGAIN - a lilac/lavender tone with fine silver-blue glitter
02 - RENESMÉE RED - a bright poppy red with golden glitter

I must confess, that the lipglosses are not what I've expected - I remember the first Twilight LE, I have a deep dark red with glitter from the first collection and it is great covering, bright and intense... but these two are very translucent and light... but they smell great - a bit like candyfloss. I think I will use them as a topcoat on other lipsticks....
The loose pigments...
03 - A PIECE OF FOREVER - bright gold glitter with iridescent yellowgolden sparkles
02 - ALICE HAD A VISION - AGAIN - a deep dark duochrome purple
04 - EDWARD'S LOVE - a light grey with multicolored glitter in purple, black, blue and silver
and this was my "WOOOOOW"-effect - I totally fell in love with ALICE HAD A VISION - AGAIN - this dark metallic purple is so awesome and vibrant. EDWARD'S LOVE looks a bit unremarkable in its pot - but it reveals its glitter-power by applying. But the glittery sparkles are a bit bitchy by applying - I think a good eyeshadow base will do a good work here... A PIECE OF FOREVER will be a great buddy for highlight-jobs ...
The lipstick....
sparkle sparkle sparkle... again gold! I just tried it out on my arm - but I think it will be great for multicolored lip-arts ... I think it fits perfectly to my new Lime Crime Serpentia lipstick ^^ we will see....
Miss Fortune took the opportunity trying out the new make up stuff... Lookit! Mister Sugarpurr is soooo happy about his new look... ^^
So -. I am now in jeopardy of getting Twilightized??? *yelp*
*non sparkling non glittering non gay vampire loving* ;)


I am a little alchemist now...

...the Lime Crime Alchemy collection!
Hey sweeties!
Some days ago a lilac package with a unicorn arrived Meeow Mansion. 
It was my first oder at Lime Crime - I've bought two Carousel glosses some time ago - but this time I fell in love with their new Alchemy palette. So I didn't hesitate and got a pre-christmas-gift for myself -
the Limited Edition Alchemy Collection
It contains the Alchemy Eyeshadow Palette, the Serpentina and the Poisonberry Lipstick, a cute sticker and the Alchemy "Mook" - a collectable magazine
 the palette was packed in a golden envelope - it looks so glamourous....
the eyeshadows with flashlight - they are more intense in daylight....
it's Lime Crime's first duochrome eyeshadow collection - the colors are very intense, high pigmented, soft and easy to apply, bright and have a great shimmer...
in daylight without any primer, applied dry...
under artificial light - with flash also without any primer and applied dry...
from left to right:
Incantation - metallic copper with fiery sparks (shimmer)
Lucky Charm – forest-green/firefly-green shift (shimmer
Love Potion #9 – purple/mint shift (shimmer)
Spellbound – white/gold shift (shimmer)
Divination – slate blue/peacock shift (shimmer)
I really fell in love with Spellbound and Divination - and I cannot wait to try my first eyemakeup with them!
so and here are the two lipsticks:
 I love the packaging!

Serpentia - a deep emerald-green with a metallic glow
Poisonberry - an intense violet-berry with purple shimmer
the texture is very creamy and soft - and has a great opacity - can't decide which of them I like most - they are both awesome!
Did you also fell in love with them?


Halloween is over...

...but in my kitchen everyday is Halloween!
Hey sweeties!
Before I start to show you my new baking supplies haul, I wanna thank all of my readers for the participation of my blog-giveaway! You are such great readers - thank you sooo much! I will announce the winner of the giveaway this week - so be curious! 
Yes - Halloween is over since almost 2 weeks - but I love to have creepy things around me and especially in my kitchen the whole year - so I've ordered some things in Canada - at the Sweet! Baking Supply store! Their prices are unbeatable for German standards and they have a very huge range of products... and after 2 weeks of waiting the package from Canada arrived me...
 even Romeo is curious whats inside the package...
so much goodies... 
edible emerald glitter 
sanding sugar in black and lilac and black jimmies
spooky cupcake molds
icing sugar eyes in different sizes
a coffin cookie cutter
and one for spider cookies...
I can't wait to try everything for some spooky pastries!
And besides this great things I've bought the "A Zombie ate my Cupcake"-Kit from Amazon - yay!
 Looks like I have a lot to bake and experiment in my little spooky kitchen the coming weekends :) so be excited for my next baking-blog-posts!
If you have some incitements for spooky cookies and frightening pastries - let me know!