Halloween 2012 [Face of the day]

... I love sugarskulls!
Hey sweeties -
it's been a while since my last blogpost but I was very busy the last two weeks - I started sport again and I am in a dietary change right now to get rid of my paddings I accumulated the last year. And I am so proud - I am eating so much vegetables and fresh fruits and healthy food every day since 14 days and I have found my old fit now - after 2 weeks I can stay 70 minutes on a cross-trainer without dying and getting red like a peony ...
I was in Cologne last wednesday - It was time for the Hell Nights tour at the Underground and for celebrating Halloween - I saw Blitzkid for the last time (and I've bought one of 90 limited Blitzkid shirts there - yay!) and for sure I did a special make up - this was the first time I tried a sugarskull... the white theatre make-up was a bit nerve-wracking but I think I did my very best for my first calavera painting....
 oh and I tried out my little coffin stickers - I bought for a while (you can also win them in my giveaway which runs until next Sunday!)
 I used violet nailpolish from Kiko, topped with glitter flakes and a matte topcoat from P2
The accessoires are ready-mades (I've bought fabric flowers and painted them with glitter-polish) and my self-made Fimo-sugarskull-earrings...
Hope you had a great Halloween too! How was your Halloween? Tell me about your outfits and your make-up-creations - I am curious!


  1. Du sahst wundertoll aus! :3
    Gabs da nich noch so Fotos von uns zusammen? *liebguck*

    Liebe Grüße vom Küken^^

  2. So cool how you only did half your face! :o)

  3. Wirklich schönes Sugarskull-MakeUp :-D

  4. Awesome makeup! ^.^ I like it how it's dark yet colourful.
    Thanks for askin', my Halloween was great and I spent it in three parts :D But now I'm almost out of eyeliner and white foundation.

  5. yeahhh sieht wirklich mega gut aus <3
    Besonders dein Nailart gefällt mir sehr *__*