Halloween is over...

...but in my kitchen everyday is Halloween!
Hey sweeties!
Before I start to show you my new baking supplies haul, I wanna thank all of my readers for the participation of my blog-giveaway! You are such great readers - thank you sooo much! I will announce the winner of the giveaway this week - so be curious! 
Yes - Halloween is over since almost 2 weeks - but I love to have creepy things around me and especially in my kitchen the whole year - so I've ordered some things in Canada - at the Sweet! Baking Supply store! Their prices are unbeatable for German standards and they have a very huge range of products... and after 2 weeks of waiting the package from Canada arrived me...
 even Romeo is curious whats inside the package...
so much goodies... 
edible emerald glitter 
sanding sugar in black and lilac and black jimmies
spooky cupcake molds
icing sugar eyes in different sizes
a coffin cookie cutter
and one for spider cookies...
I can't wait to try everything for some spooky pastries!
And besides this great things I've bought the "A Zombie ate my Cupcake"-Kit from Amazon - yay!
 Looks like I have a lot to bake and experiment in my little spooky kitchen the coming weekends :) so be excited for my next baking-blog-posts!
If you have some incitements for spooky cookies and frightening pastries - let me know!


  1. Woooooow, wie coooool :3
    Ich warte gebannt auf Fotos von deinen Kreationen! <3

  2. So cute! You have to post pictures of your creations!

    I am also glad to know that mine is not the only house that has an animal nose in parcels just as I open them.

  3. Das schaut ja Klasse aus :) Muss ich mir merken, vielleicht - mit viel Glück - hab ich zu meinem Geburtstag auch endlich einen Backofen hier.....

    1. das wäre ja fein - ich hätte den totalen Kaufrausch auf der Seite bekommen können - so viele tolle Dinge - ist auf jeden Fall nicht das letzte Mal, dass ich dort bestellt habe ^^

  4. nein, sind die Sachen ja mal genial OO

    1. jaaa und die Seite hat einen hohen Suchtfaktor - wenn ich es schaffe, werde ich dieses Wochenende auch endlich mal backen ^^