I am a little alchemist now...

...the Lime Crime Alchemy collection!
Hey sweeties!
Some days ago a lilac package with a unicorn arrived Meeow Mansion. 
It was my first oder at Lime Crime - I've bought two Carousel glosses some time ago - but this time I fell in love with their new Alchemy palette. So I didn't hesitate and got a pre-christmas-gift for myself -
the Limited Edition Alchemy Collection
It contains the Alchemy Eyeshadow Palette, the Serpentina and the Poisonberry Lipstick, a cute sticker and the Alchemy "Mook" - a collectable magazine
 the palette was packed in a golden envelope - it looks so glamourous....
the eyeshadows with flashlight - they are more intense in daylight....
it's Lime Crime's first duochrome eyeshadow collection - the colors are very intense, high pigmented, soft and easy to apply, bright and have a great shimmer...
in daylight without any primer, applied dry...
under artificial light - with flash also without any primer and applied dry...
from left to right:
Incantation - metallic copper with fiery sparks (shimmer)
Lucky Charm – forest-green/firefly-green shift (shimmer
Love Potion #9 – purple/mint shift (shimmer)
Spellbound – white/gold shift (shimmer)
Divination – slate blue/peacock shift (shimmer)
I really fell in love with Spellbound and Divination - and I cannot wait to try my first eyemakeup with them!
so and here are the two lipsticks:
 I love the packaging!

Serpentia - a deep emerald-green with a metallic glow
Poisonberry - an intense violet-berry with purple shimmer
the texture is very creamy and soft - and has a great opacity - can't decide which of them I like most - they are both awesome!
Did you also fell in love with them?


  1. Awww mit einigen Lime Crime Sachen liebäugle ich schon seit ewigkeiten <3

  2. Oh dear. That's just plain eye candy!! The Serpentia green looks especially awesome.

  3. Lime Crime hat einfach sooo schöne Sachen...

  4. The green lipstick looks fantastic! Would love to see pictures of your makeup with these colours.