I disassociate myself from sparkling vampires...

...but the Twilight LE is awesome! 
Hey sweeties -
as you know, DM is always a big curse to my purse - but when I layed my eyes on the new Limited Edition of essence, I couldn't resist.
So here it is- 
the essence Twilight Breaking Dawn Limited Edition - Part 2 -
I must confess, that I am not into that sparkling vampires and teenage romance stuff - but this collection is - as the first Twlight LE from essence - fabulous!
so these are my hauls...
4 nailpolishes
2 lipglosses
1 lipstick and
3 loose pigments
The polishes...
from left to right:
03 - A PIECE OF FOREVER - a shimmering liquid bright yellow gold
02 - ALICE HAD A VISION - AGAIN - a dark purple with magenta and iridescent silver-blue glitter
04 - EDWARD'S LOVE - black with silver grey sparkling glitter
01 - JACOB'S PROTECTION - dark blue with turquoise and violet iridescent glitter
Jacob's protection - a piece of forever - Alice had a vision - again - Edward's love
I did two layers of polish and its perfect covering
The glosses...
01 - ALICE HAD A VISION - AGAIN - a lilac/lavender tone with fine silver-blue glitter
02 - RENESMÉE RED - a bright poppy red with golden glitter

I must confess, that the lipglosses are not what I've expected - I remember the first Twilight LE, I have a deep dark red with glitter from the first collection and it is great covering, bright and intense... but these two are very translucent and light... but they smell great - a bit like candyfloss. I think I will use them as a topcoat on other lipsticks....
The loose pigments...
03 - A PIECE OF FOREVER - bright gold glitter with iridescent yellowgolden sparkles
02 - ALICE HAD A VISION - AGAIN - a deep dark duochrome purple
04 - EDWARD'S LOVE - a light grey with multicolored glitter in purple, black, blue and silver
and this was my "WOOOOOW"-effect - I totally fell in love with ALICE HAD A VISION - AGAIN - this dark metallic purple is so awesome and vibrant. EDWARD'S LOVE looks a bit unremarkable in its pot - but it reveals its glitter-power by applying. But the glittery sparkles are a bit bitchy by applying - I think a good eyeshadow base will do a good work here... A PIECE OF FOREVER will be a great buddy for highlight-jobs ...
The lipstick....
sparkle sparkle sparkle... again gold! I just tried it out on my arm - but I think it will be great for multicolored lip-arts ... I think it fits perfectly to my new Lime Crime Serpentia lipstick ^^ we will see....
Miss Fortune took the opportunity trying out the new make up stuff... Lookit! Mister Sugarpurr is soooo happy about his new look... ^^
So -. I am now in jeopardy of getting Twilightized??? *yelp*
*non sparkling non glittering non gay vampire loving* ;)


  1. Ich war gestern auch bei DM xD
    Leider gabs dort nur noch wenig der LE, so dass ich nur den dunklen Lipgloss mitgenommen habe. Die dunklen Nagellacke sehen aber echt so toll aus, dass ich wohl nochmal zu nem anderen DM fahre =)

    1. jaaa - die dunklen Lacke sind eine kleine Reise wert ;)

  2. Lovely colours of the nailpolishes. The purple one is definitely a shade I would like to have :)

    1. yes - the purple one is also one of my favorites <3

  3. I am DEFINITELY not a Twilight fan but this makeup collection is just awesome!

    1. haha same here - Twilight is awful - bute the makeup is awesome :D

  4. I'm IN-LOVE with them nail polish colors. I love this whole review, it was helpful! Check out my blog http://makeupcostumes.blogspot.com/ (I'm sort of a newbie her at blogspot.)

    1. great to hear that my posting was helpful :) and thanks for the link - you got a new reader ;)